NoFashionWay: My Ethnic Sunflower Earrings

There’s always a fashionable way to update your wardrobe without spending too much. NoFashionWay has pretty accessories in really reasonable prices.

Look what Irene and Maria, the founders of NoFashionWay, sent me…

Aren’t they cute? I really enjoy their ethnic style. The colors are nice without being extremely bright. The design is insired by the sunflowers!

I wore these earrings with my casual dresses, my jeans, my shorts..I love them! And I loved that when I wear them my friend ask me where I found them!

They are on sale right now and they cost €7.

Oh! And don’t forget to take a llok at their new accessories!!! They are amazing!

A huge THANK YOU to Irene and Maria for giving me the opportunity to try their accessories!!! Good luck girls!

Summer isn’t Over!