NEW: The Body Shop Colourglide Shine

BIG NEWS!!! A bright new addiction is on its way, girls!
Our beloved The Body Shop introduces us the launch of the new Colourglide Shine lip collection.

I was so excited when I heard the news, not only because I am a lipstick fanatic, but also ’cause I am in love with the classic Colourglide collection and now I have the chance to try a few shiny shades with all the benefits of the classic line.

Colourglide Shine has a lightweight texture that combines the best elements of both lipstick and gloss. It gives us sheer color, the feeling and comfort of bare lips and the shine of a gloss. The natural flush of your lips still comes through but with an extra touch of glamour.

These lipsticks contain double quantity of marula oil than the usual lipsticks of the Colourglide collection. That’s why they nourish and hydrate our lips.

Available in six shades to suit a variety of skin tones.
In Greece, there will be available five shades(Pink Flash won’t be launched in the greek market).

The Colourglide Shine lipsticks will be in stores tomorrow, 12th March.

I am totally in love with Cheeky Coral!!!
Will you try them? What is your favorite shade? Let me know, girls!


Yves Saint Laurent Manucure Couture Les Fauves

There are 3 or 4 brands that never disappoint me. Every time I get their press releases in my mail box I am sure that it would be something amazing, something that would make me run at the nearest beauty store. One of these brands is Yves Saint Laurent (can you guess the others?) and its beauty collections.
When I heard about Manucure Couture Les Fauves I got excited! YSL dared to play with colors, textures and materials even for nails. Leopard is transformed into limited- edition ”Nail Art” for all those women who dare to try new trends.

Manucure Couture Les Fauves  awakes the creative instinct, the audacity and artistic sense on each nail. Dramatic contrasts of color with gold, silver, sable or jade lacquer with black matter to create fawn design.

It’s simply to use; just apply over a colored base and the black matte topcoat cracks, to reveal a unique, customised, animal print, different every time.

 No1 Griffe Dorée: a baroque evening gold
 No2 Griffe D’ Argent: a rock metallic grey
 No3 Griffe De Sable: a trendy ochre
No4 Griffe De Jade: a casual khaki
Each of the 4 duos is costs 32.35€ and they are already available in stores!

Which one will you choose?

Have a wonderful day!!!


”I want chocolate! And I want it now!”.
”Mmm..I shouldn’t have eaten that chocolate bar”.
Do you recognize yourself in these phrases? If yes, keep reading, girl! I have the perfect beauty product for chocacholics! Or, better, The Body Shop people created THE best beauty products ever.

Well, get ready, girl, as The Body Shop introduces Chocomania, an amazing limited edition range of products!!!

As you can easily imagine, all Chocomania products smell like chocolate. Yummy! The range contains a Body Butter(€15), Body Scrub(€15.50), Body Lotion(€12), Shower Cream(€7), Lip Butter(€6), Soap(€3) and Heart Soap Set (€6), all of which contain The Body Shop’s trademark Community Fair trade Cocoa Butter and their Body Butter includes organic sugar cane.

This Limited Edition beauty line will be available from February (in Greece the release date is 6/2), just in time for Valentines Day. In case you want to gift him or her the Chocomania line, you could choose the Chocomania Set, created especially for Valentines Day.
Would you like to try the Chocomania line? What do you think about products with such a *yummy* smell? Do you love them or do you hate them?
Let me know!!!