Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011: Jardin De Minuit

I am sure that have already seen the Yves Saint Laurent’s Fall Collection 2011. Jardin de Minuit (Midnight Garden) is inspired by the nature at midnight; fabulous cotrasting colours from deep purples to soft rosy tones, from bold neons to earthy tones and darks.
Green, purple, blue and rosy shades dominate the collection and bring a sexy drama to our makeup looks.
 Blush Radiance- 38.06€
Rouge Volupte Perle- 32,19€
Ombre 5 Lumiere(No11)- 56,86€
 La Laque- 22,09€

Ombre Solο No18- 30,06€
Ombre Solο No19- 30,06€
I have to admit that the collection is a bit pricey, but I think that is just amazing! I am in love with both the nail polishes!
This fall go with these shades and you will look totally SEXY!!!