If I’ll ask you Iam sure that you can write a huge list of products that every girl has to have in her beauty case. And lately the Smoky Lash mascara is one of those. Made for professionals by one of the best brands, Make Up For Ever, and that’s the reason that I expected a lotfrom this product.

First of all, I already have pretty long lashes, but I like to use mascara for giving that touch of amazing eyes. I always apply a coat of black mascara even when I don’t want to do any eye make up.
I went at Sephora trying to find a new mascara and the girl at MUFE’s stand suggested me to try the Smoky Lash. ”It will give your lashes amazing volume, curl and length”, she said(excactly what the brand claims about it). I was convinced (mostly from all the reviews I have read before), I paid €22 and run at home to try it!

Now it’s about two months that I am using this product and I am not sure why I have purchased it. The Smoky Lash is very pigmented and I like its rich and intense black on my lashes. The formula is quite thick and clumpy.

Once applied, it offers a dramatic result around my eyes. Something like a smoky look with no eyeshadows. That’s why I find it perfect in combination with a simple liner.

I find that it gives a lot of lengh and curls my lashes, but it clumps them and makes them stuck together. Plus, I noticed that it makes my lashes fragile and it breaks them in the middle if I wear it for long time (like 4-5 hours). Does that make it clear why I hate this mascara? 

 With no make up at all, no mascara and *bad-bad-bad*eyebrows!
With one coat of Smoky Lash
I love the brush, though. It is tough and dense and easy to control. It’s a pitty that the product doesn’t do miracles, as expected.

Not my favourite mascara at all. You could find better mascaras for less than €22. Plus, I think that Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Carbon Black gives the intense black of Smoky Lash, gives lenght and volume without making the lashes heavy.

Have you ever tried the Smoky Lash mascara? Did you like it? Which products have disappointed you?

Let me know, girls!

September 2011 Loves

Here it is: my monthly favourites list! All the products I loved and used the most last month. It doesn’t mean I bought them last month or that I only used them then, but these are the ones I used more than any other products.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
In fact, that’s an all year love. I just adore this eye shadow primer. Since I have tried it I can’t change it with another eye shadow base. Absolutely on my must-have list!!!

Korres Nail Colour 06 Pastel Rose
In this period I don’t want coral nails or ”summery” colours nor dark nails. So, this pastel is ideal for me. Elegant and chic, lasts enough for not being worried to have my nails done every two days… Oooh! If you want to read my review, it’s right HERE.

Layla Cosmetics SOS Colour and Shine Nail Polish
I am not a nail polish addict and I didn’t use a special top coat since last year. This one is amazing! It keeps my nail polish perfect for more that a week!!!I will review it as soon as possible.

Essence Maximum Definition volume Mascara
I finished this little love so I am not going to use this on October. I didn;t expected much from this mascara that costed me less than 3€. But it was amazing!!!Long and well separated lashes, volume, and an amazing lasting! What else should a mascara have to become my little love?

Neve Makeup Primavera Eyeshadow
A warm and sweet shade. Even if it is an eyeshadow, you can use it even as a blush. It is one of my first products that I am trying by Neve Makeup, an italian brand of mineral makeup! I will review it as soon as possible, promise!

What were your most used products during September? 

Kisses girls!!!