Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

I know what you are thinking. Why use a bottom lash mascara when you can use your regular one? A few months ago I was thinking the same thing. I even laughed when I saw a friend using Clinique‘s Bottom Lash Mascara.

”Oh! Com’on girl! Save you money and buy something useful”, I said.

”Don’t tell me you have never tried this little treasure! It’s been two weeks I am using it and I am obsessed! The brush of this mascara is specifically designed for coating the bottom lashes. No more mascara marks under my eyes”.

Hmmm… research time. Is this thing really necessary? According ELC Consumer Product Reasearch. 80% of women surveyed said their wand was either too far, too long, or curved the wrong way to apply their bottom lashes.

I decided to give it a try, just out of curiosity, and today I am ready to share my opinion with you.

The mascara’s brush is tiny and it reaches even the smallest lash to the inner corner of your eyes and extends it.

 Nude Lashes
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara applied on lower lashes

Applied on bottom and upper lashes

It is formulated to last 24hours without smudging, smearing, running or flaking and it is waterproof in cold water. You can easily remove it with warm water; simply splash a cotton pad with warm water onto lashes, press gently and the mascara comes off.

The packaging is cute as it comes in a floral motif small tube. Though the tube contains just 2ml of product, it will last for at least two months with daily use.

It costs €15 and it is available in Black and Brown Black (I think in Greece you’ll find only the black shade).


  • I use it even on my upper lashes when I want pretty long lashes. I even combine it with my High Impact Volume Mascara.
  • When you finish your Bottom Lash mascara keep the wand. It is perfect for brushing your brows or even apply your common mascara on the lower lashes.
Yes, I will repurchase it! I think that €15 is a lot money for this product so I will wait for an offer to buy two of these babies!
Have you ever used Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara? Do you use a special mascara or wand for your bottom lashes? Do you mess it when you apply mascara?

Clinique new high impact extreme volume mascara

No Mascara, No Make Up.

That’s my rule! Just a coat of mascara can change your look. 
Finding the perfect mascara isn’t easy. I’ve tried so many different brands. I hated most of them. Others were just ok. Lately I have found two that I really love and it’s time to start reviewing them.
Today is the perfect moment to share my thoughts about Clinique‘s new High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara. I haven’t tried any Clinique mascara before and I was very curious about this one.

What it claims: With every stroke, the over-the-top brush wraps lashes in instant, jaw dropping drama. This larger-than-life formula is also safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist tested,too. (source)

What I love: It gives extreme volume with just one coat. I really appreciate it when I don’t have to apply two or more coats of mascara, especially when I am in a hurry. I didn’t face any flaking or smudging issues or spidery lashes effect. 
Without mascara
One coat of High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara
Two coats of High Impact Extreme Mascara
It contains hyaluronic acid, panthenol and hydrolysed wheat protein, ingredients that keep your lashes moisturised and flexible.
I’ve been wearing it for hours and I can tell you it lasts long without giving you that awful panda look. You can easily remove it with a regular eye make-up remover.
What I didn’t Like: The tube! At the beginning I was in love with the packaging: a silver, clean and sleek tube and a lid that closes with a click-click system that reassures that no air will dry your precious mascara. But then I noticed the wide stopper that allows way too much mascara on the brush and the tube and creates a big mess.

The wand is huge and I was scared it would be hard to manage and I would paint my entirely eyelid black. I was proved wrong (thank God). In fact, the barrel of the wand is huge and wide, but the bristles are small, short and fine. It grabs every single lash even those tiny ones in the corner of my eyes. I find it hard to use on lower lashes, but I don’t mind ’cause I use a different mascara (Iàll reveal my little secret during the next days. Stay tuned).

The wand is plastic, which is a pro for me (I love plastic wands, do you?).

Overall, it is a good mascara and I love the formula and the lasting. Once I finish it (soon) I might buy a new one, but I would really love it if Clinique will replace that giant stopper with a smaller one.

Available in one shade, Extreme Black, and it costs 29.90€

Have you ever tried High Impact Extreme Mascara? Do you like Clinique’s them? 
Any other mascara lovers out there?

Beauty Must have of The Week

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Celebration
(price: 36,00€)
LASH QUEEN CELEBRATION is a tribute to the 110 years of Helena Runinstein’s beauty expertise. Thanks to the exclusice ”Lash-Build” formula, this mascara offers a tailor-made volume for an adjustable result from the most natural to the most sophisticated, and clump-free results. 
Into the mascara there are incorporated genuine gold particles which capture and reflect dazzling light. Combined with ultra-reflective mother-of-pearl,these sparkling particles illuminate and accentuate the black shade of the pigments, through contrast.
The bottle is unique and feels luxurious; it is designed like a goldsmith’s work of art and entirely adormed in golden lacquered and varnished sequins. 
As October is my birthday month, I WANT this mascara because it symbolizes the spirit of celebration! Don’t you think?
Do you like the luxurious packaging? Have you ever tried the famous HR mascaras?