I’ve tried… Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

I really like Liz Earle‘s products. The quality is amazing and the products have never disappointed me. Another point of the company that I like is the customers service: always available, kind and pretty fast!

When I have recieved the Sheen SkinTint I was really excited and curious at the same time. It’s the first make up product of the brand and it’s a big challenge to mantain the same quality with the other skin care products.

The Sheer Skin Tint is a light tinted cream. It’s something between a foundation and a tinted moisturiser. It covers less that a foundation but slightly more than a tinted moisturiser. It doesn’t cover any imperfections like redness or dark circles. I think is the ideal product for all those girls that don’t need a heavy make up to cover imperfections and they want a light and natural result. The Sheer Skin Tint leaves your skin radiant and clear.

It contains a mineral UV protection SPF 15 and is enriched with botanicals, avocado, Vitamin E and borage. That’s why it works in  conjuction with the skincare range.

It’s easy to apply it even with no brushes at all. I prefer to apply the product using my fingers; yeap!it blends pretty well! You will need a tiny amount of product. Just remember: it’s a cream, not a foundation.

I am really satisfied about the lasting. It lasts for about 5-6 hours without retouching it. Not bad at all. I always go with a powder on the top not only to avoid brightness but also to make the product last for more.

One thing I have noticed is the strange scent. Even if it is supposed to be fragrance free, it has a heavy smell of the combination of all the minerals it has been composed. At least, once applied the scent doesn’t stay at all.

The packaging is a black squeezy tube, easy to use and and squeese. You won’t get more product that you need. It packaging looks pretty classy and sleek.

I got the Bare one

The Sheer Skin Tint is available in three shades, Bare, Beige and Beach. The genious idea of getting the three samples when you order the product so that you check ti shade before opening the full size should be copied by other brands. Just think about it; you can change the product if you have chosen the wrong shade and you won’t have unused products in your beauty case!

It costs £21 and you can buy it at Liz Earle’s site.

Have you even tried out the Sheer Skin Tint? Would you purchase it? Are there any cases that you prefer a light creamy tint than a foundation?

Let me know girls!

Have an amazing day!

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Liz Earle for lìgiving me the chance to try out this product. Even if I was sent this little love, I only express my personal and sincere opinion!

October 2011 Loves

Hey dolls!!!
How are you? I am exhausted and I feel like if I am getting ill… I hope it’s just my idea.
Today I had a full day, but I couldn’t resist not writing about the products I used the most and I (re)loved last month.

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF15: I am using this product for about two months. I like to use it the days that I want a natural look and not  a full-coverage. But stay tuned! I will review it this week!

Dior Skin Poudre Compacte:  One of the best powders I have ever used. Love the finish. And of course the package!hehe! I nearly finished it…keep reading because I will…promise you something.

Garnier Roll-On Anti-dark circles: I started to try it last month and I like it. Works pretty well and conceales perfectly my dark circles.

NYX Mosaic Powder: What could I add for that little miracle? Who wouldn’t love a versatile product with a great quality? Take a look on the review I wrote a few days ago (click!)

MAC Da Bling Eyeshadow: A pink eyeshadow that I use in different looks. I blend it with vanilla colors, brown, grey and a million other options. Last month I think I overused it… Is that a crime?

Sigma Angled Contour F40: I got this with my Nice in Pink Travel Kit. I think it’s an amazing brush and I use it like crazy! Precise, soft and pink!

I thought of adding a part at my montly favorites posts. I will let you know which products I would like to finish till the end of the month. And I promise not to buy a product of the same kind before finishing them!You know I didn’t make it to the Project Pan, but I think the *To Finish* list will work for me. Let’s try it…

So, on November I want to finish
*Dior Skin Poudre Compacte
*Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser
*Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

What did you like during October, ladies? Which products did you use the most? Do you do lists of the products you want to finish before buying a new of the same kind?

Huggies girls!!!

Happy Feet: Liz Earle Foot Scrub

About a month or two ago I got Liz Earl’s Foot Scrub. I was really curious about this product because all those foot scrubs usually don’t work well. So I started immediately to use it.

From Liz Earle’s website:
This hard-working scrub gently exfoliates hard, rough skin on heels and soles, leaving feet ultra-soft and buffed to perfection. Massage daily onto damp skin, concentrating on dry areas such as heels, toes and balls of your feet. 

I know that many of you don’t take care of their feet when autumn and winter arrive. It’s true, isn’t it? That’s really bad. Our feet need our special care even when wee don’t wear sandals. But let’s admit it. We all forget to take proper care of our feet during those long winter months.
The Foot Scrub by Liz Earle is easy and fast to use. That’s important, at least for me, because I am sure I won’t be bored to use it and have soft and hydrated feet. I have to admit that this scrub is better that others that I have tries, even professional ones.

The scrub is rich and creamy. It contains naturally active ingredients like exfoliating pumice particles, softening avocado and wheatgerm oils rich in vitamin E. The pumice particles work miracles; they exfoliate the dry skin and remove dead skin without irritating it. The scrub is very effective but still gentle.

The smell is strong but amazingly refreshing. It has a peppermint scent that lasts for hours on the feet.

After the third time I used this scrub, my feet were very smooth and noticeably soft. If our feet are very dry, don’t worry. It will take you a few more applications to get baby smooth skin, but you will see the results as well.

I use it once a week and I really enjoy using it. When it gets colders and I’ll start to wear my boots I am going to use it twice or maybe three times per week.

Ingredients List:

The packaging is a simple, soothing and hygienic blue tube that contains 100ml of product. It costs £10.75 and expires 24 months after you first open it. If you think that the price is high for a foot scrub, then you can choose the 15 ml tube that costs £4.75. I would prefer the 100ml because the consistency is thick and you need a small amount of product for every use. It will last you for a long long time!
Available at Liz Earle’s site (click!)

Have you ever tried this Foot Scrub? What products do you use to take care of you little feet?

Kisses girls!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by PR for consideration. That did not influence my opinion. I express my personal and honest experience with the product.