Oooh! It’s orange!

Hello beauties!

Today I would like to talk you about two lipsticks, both in very summer shades, that I loved and (over)used during the past 4 months and I keep wearing every now and then.
Right: Korres 45 Coral
Left: MUA 16 Nectar

Allow me to start with the MUA Lipstick. Shade 16 is called Nectar and is a bright coral. And when I say coral, I mean the orange and peach side of the shade rather than the pink one. 

Hmmm…can you tell the difference with nude lips?
The formula is good, considering the price. It glides easily on lips and feels light. It is very moisturizing, almost like a balm. The pigmentation and the lasting aren’t good; it looks sheer and lasts less than an hour on my lips. It has a slightly glossy finish which gives a fresh touch on my look. I am in love with its scent; it reminds me the vanilla & cinnamon cookies! Yummy!
For an £1 product, it is ok but don’t expect miracles. A good tinted balm could do the same work.

The second lipstick is the KORRES Mango Butter Lipstick in 45 Coral. It is a bright coral-orange, semi-sheer and glossy lipstick.

It is lightweight and very moisturizing. Till here, you may notice a lot in common with the previous lipstick (color, characteristics…),  but this one offers a better pigmentation and lasting. Plus, it has a SPF 10 which I found important during summer months, especially if you live in a sunny country like mine. It has a very discrete scent that smells like cherry.
This is the first Korres Lipstick I have ever tried and I am convinced to try more shades.

This or That…?

As you can easily notice, these two lipsticks could be dupes, don’t you think? I prefer the Korres one. It does cost more, but I love the formula and the long lasting.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Do you like Korres and MUA products?

Review: The Body Shop Colourglide Shine

Do you remember I’ve told you about the Colourglide Shine by Body Shop (cliiick!). Well, one of these babies has a place in my make up bag!

I have the 06 Vintage Rose, a smokey pink shade, great for every skin colour and occasion. It leaves a touch of gold in my lips, without being too much.

Perfect combo of the best of both lipstick and gloss. Easy to apply,it glides easily on across your lips and there’s no need to use a lip liner. I love its sheer colour and the extra shine that gives in my lips.

I didn’t expect it, but the pigmentation is pretty good; more than a gloss but less than a lipstick.

It lasts for so long! Even when the shine has gone, the colour was still on my lips! Just amazing!

It costs €10, a reasonable price for this baby!

If I am going to buy more shades? Of course! Next one in  my wishlist is Cheeky Coral.

Have you tried the Colourglide Shine lipstick yet? What do you think about it? Would you like to try it?

Let me know girls!


NEW: The Body Shop Colourglide Shine

BIG NEWS!!! A bright new addiction is on its way, girls!
Our beloved The Body Shop introduces us the launch of the new Colourglide Shine lip collection.

I was so excited when I heard the news, not only because I am a lipstick fanatic, but also ’cause I am in love with the classic Colourglide collection and now I have the chance to try a few shiny shades with all the benefits of the classic line.

Colourglide Shine has a lightweight texture that combines the best elements of both lipstick and gloss. It gives us sheer color, the feeling and comfort of bare lips and the shine of a gloss. The natural flush of your lips still comes through but with an extra touch of glamour.

These lipsticks contain double quantity of marula oil than the usual lipsticks of the Colourglide collection. That’s why they nourish and hydrate our lips.

Available in six shades to suit a variety of skin tones.
In Greece, there will be available five shades(Pink Flash won’t be launched in the greek market).

The Colourglide Shine lipsticks will be in stores tomorrow, 12th March.

I am totally in love with Cheeky Coral!!!
Will you try them? What is your favorite shade? Let me know, girls!