Yves Saint Laurent La Lacque Couture Corail Colisée

YSL Corail Colisée is my beloved coral nail polish for this season. For me it is the perfect red coral: super vibrant and shiny! It makes me so excited!

The color on my nails looks exactly like in the bottle. It claims to have a high pigmentation, but you can’t get the pure color with one coat. You absolutely have to apply a second one, otherwise it is quit sheer.

It also claims to have extreme shine and hold. This nail polish not only lasts for at least 6 days on my nails(with no top coat) and that really surprised me. As for the shine, it’s not bad at all; it dulls down after 4-5 days.

I applied Corail Colisée without base because I was in a hurry and I have to admit that I was afraid that it will stain my nails. I was wrong! Then I learnt that it is enriched with Chilean rose oil and calcium and that’s why the formula reinforces, protects and beautifies the nails.

It dries in just a few minutes. Perfect for me that I am always in a hurry and I can’t wait for an hour for my nail polish to dry! Five minutes after applying it, I am back on my duties!

As for the packaging, Yves Saint Laurent couldn’t have anything else: luxurious, elegant and timeless. The square glass bottle with the square gold cap, adorned with the brand’s logo, look so chic and have a timeless style. The gold cap pops off and reveals a black on, in which the brush is attached. 
Oh! the brush! I can’t avoid mentioning it! Flat and fine, it contours perfectly the nail and it delivers a fine coat at the entire nail in a single stroke.

Overall, that’s the first YSL nail polish I got and I really like it. I wouldn’t say the shine lasts longer that other nail polishes(like OPI or Layla), but I do love the hold. Plus, the color is one of my favorites. I think €21 is a lot of money just for a nail polish, but, if you can, I really suggest you to get this love!

Have you ever tried Yves Saint Laurent’s nail polishes? Do you think it worth to spend €21 for a nail polish?

Yves Saint Laurent Summer Look 2012

What does summer look mean to you? To me it means bronze skin, juicy lips, colorful nails, safari style. Chic and playful. That’s exactly what Yves Saint Laurent suggests us with the new Summer Look collection.


An absolutely Y-conic YSL product, Terre Saharienne Collector comes in a python print, insired by the YSL Couture accessories. This limited edition bronzing powder provides an instant healthy glow thanks to the incorporation of the new ”Sun Radiance” pigments that capture the light and diffuse a golden reflection. Suitable for all skin types. Available in three shades

Harmonie No1- Tanned:
Iridescent light, a golden brown with a sparkling effect that brightens every skin tone
Harmonie No2- Sunkissed:
Satiny light, rosy apricot that gives pale complexions a healthy glow
Harmonie No3- Bronzed:
Matte light, intense brown with a bronzing effect to sculpt the face

Four YSL Couture shades for a manicure that goes straight to the sun’s zenith. Which shade will you choose: coral, taupe or sand?

No4 Corail Colisée- a flamboyant coral red
No21 Taupe Rétro- a torrid brown
No22 Beige Léger- a nude-look sandy beige
No29 Doré Orfèvre- a patinated gold lame
These makeup palettes will give an impressive but still natural definition to your eyes. Blend these warm and cold tones together and capture all the attention to your eyes!
Available in three shades: No7 Shell,No8 Sand and No9 Stone.

Infused with soft shimmering gold/soft pink pigments, these glosses will make your lips shine and look like their being caressed by the delicate sun rays. Will you resist?
Five new hues are joining the Rouge Pur Couture family. Choose your favorite from: 
No 45- nude pink(Limited Edition)
No 44- lovely brown
No 43- nude
No 41- intense red
No 42- creamy light brown- plum

Add more definition to your eyes with these waterproof eye pencils. Creamy texture, rich pigments. Available in two shades: shimmering gold and blue

Our summer looks will be capture all the attention with these fabulous hues! YSL never disappoints us!
Will you buy any of these new products? Which one is your favorite?

Kisses beauties!