Guest Post: How to Prepare Your Skin for Fake Tan Application

by Bianca & Beau Bronz
For many beauty lovers, fake tan is a make-up bag staple and something that they just can’t bear to be without. It can add a glow to your complexion during the winter months, carefully disguise any blemishes or imperfections, and get you beach-ready in no time at all.

The problem is though, how do you apply it? If you haven’t mastered the knack, you could be risking a fake tan disaster! The secret is actually in the preparation. Here, we talk you through how to prepare your skin for the best results.
If you’re planning to apply fake tan to an area such as your legs, you’ll probably want to shave anyway. When applying the product to a particularly hairy area, it can be a good idea to trim or shave the hair, as it will mean a smoother and more even finish. Make sure that you shave at least 24 hours before using your fake tan. This will ensure that your pores have fully closed.

Many fake tan mistakes are caused by not exfoliating in advance. Dry patches of skin may be unnoticeable to the naked eye, but they can completely ruin your look. Use a large-grained body scrub or an exfoliating sponge. Take care to not be too rough – you should just be removing any dead skin cells on the surface, and can damage new skin if you’re not gentle.


Moisturising is the final step in the fake tanning preparation process, and ensures that your skin is soft and smooth for optimum results. Apply a generous amount to all areas of your body, paying particular attention to elbows, knees and ankles. To prolong the life of your tan, apply moisturiser in the same way every evening once you’ve achieved your desired look.
What about tricky areas?
Some areas of the body are much harder than others when it comes to applying your product. Look out for handy tools that will help you to reach tricky areas such as your back, and always use a full-length mirror to check on your progress as you apply. If you can, get a friend to help you out with your back, as it’s the trickiest area of all.

Do you wear fake tan? How do you prepare your skin for the best results?

How To: Get Rid of Under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness

Yesterday I reviewed an anti dark circles product (cliiiick!), so today I wanted to share with you a few tips on how to get rid of under eye dark circles and puffiness.

Let’s be honest! Every single woman who has these two problems asks herself every morning ”How could I get rid of them?”. Am I right?

Photo Source: Google Images
First of all, you have to find out the reason of dark circles and puffiness. If you know the reason, you will be able to act against them.

Look at your mother, father, grandmother; do they have dark circles? If yes, your under-eye puffiness is a hereditary condition (I got my dark circles from daddy…). What does that mean? Hmmm… Girl, you can’t do much about it. Just make peace with your look and don’t spent your money to all these products that promise to do miracles.

Try to eat healthy! I know! Everyone keeps telling you that and it’s like a blah,blah,blah, in your head, but it is true: the healthier you eat, the better your skin looks. To get rid of dark circles eat foods rich of Vitamin C, E, K iron and folic acid. Wanna some examples? Oranges, berries, nuts, whole grains, beef, cheese, green tea, green leafy veggies. Oh! Avoid greasy foods, too. Bad for the cellulite, as well. xD

Stop smoking and drinking. No more words! You know what I mean!

Try the homemade remedies; cool cucumber or potato slices, cotton balls dipped in potato juice, coll teabags or teaspoons, leaving castor oil overnight… In case you know more remedies, please leave a comment down here!Thank you!

Make sure you drink enough water! Dehydration might cause blood vessels under the eyes to become darker and swollen.

Relax! It’s the best way to help your body look healthier!

Sleep well, sweetheart!!! Lack of sleep could make your skin look paler and reduces circulation, which means that blood vessels could be more visible, giving the appearance of dark circles. Make sure you sleep 7-8 hours.
These are just a few tips to help you get rid of dark circles. If you don’t see any improvement at all, keep in mind that under eye dark circles and puffiness could be signs of a few health problems, like iron deficiency,  nasal congestion, allergy… If you believe it’s a health problem, contact your doctor!

What are your tips to get rid of these two little ”enemies”, anyway? Let me know!!!