Guest Post: How to Prepare Your Skin for Fake Tan Application

by Bianca & Beau Bronz
For many beauty lovers, fake tan is a make-up bag staple and something that they just can’t bear to be without. It can add a glow to your complexion during the winter months, carefully disguise any blemishes or imperfections, and get you beach-ready in no time at all.

The problem is though, how do you apply it? If you haven’t mastered the knack, you could be risking a fake tan disaster! The secret is actually in the preparation. Here, we talk you through how to prepare your skin for the best results.
If you’re planning to apply fake tan to an area such as your legs, you’ll probably want to shave anyway. When applying the product to a particularly hairy area, it can be a good idea to trim or shave the hair, as it will mean a smoother and more even finish. Make sure that you shave at least 24 hours before using your fake tan. This will ensure that your pores have fully closed.

Many fake tan mistakes are caused by not exfoliating in advance. Dry patches of skin may be unnoticeable to the naked eye, but they can completely ruin your look. Use a large-grained body scrub or an exfoliating sponge. Take care to not be too rough – you should just be removing any dead skin cells on the surface, and can damage new skin if you’re not gentle.


Moisturising is the final step in the fake tanning preparation process, and ensures that your skin is soft and smooth for optimum results. Apply a generous amount to all areas of your body, paying particular attention to elbows, knees and ankles. To prolong the life of your tan, apply moisturiser in the same way every evening once you’ve achieved your desired look.
What about tricky areas?
Some areas of the body are much harder than others when it comes to applying your product. Look out for handy tools that will help you to reach tricky areas such as your back, and always use a full-length mirror to check on your progress as you apply. If you can, get a friend to help you out with your back, as it’s the trickiest area of all.

Do you wear fake tan? How do you prepare your skin for the best results?

GUEST POST: Winter Accessory Must Haves!

Hey Everyone! 

I’m Hannah and I own , I love this years winter fashion accessories so I thought i’d share some of them with you guys!


Oh my goodness, I cannot live without my knitted headbands in the winter! I’d wear a hat but they mess my hair up too much – I”m sure some of you girlies know what i’m talking about! No one likes hat hair! Knitted head bands keep my ears nice and warm whilst my hair is tied up. You can get some lovely one’s in Primark for just £2 or if  you don’t have a Primark near you there are tons online! They look great with any outfit and look super cute!


Now i haven’t always been a big fan of fingerless gloves as I used to find them pointless. I mean, the point of gloves is to keep your hands and fingers warm right? So why cut off the fingers?! Now I know why. If you are a touch screen phone user you will know how annoying it is when your phone is ringing and you can’t answer it quick enough because you’re too busy ripping your gloves off. But fingerless gloves are the answer to this! You can get some super cute and cosy fingerless gloves with a detachable mitten. So, if your hands are cold , on the mitten goes, if you need to use your fingers, off the mitten goes. Simple huh? Again, you can purchase these in most clothing stores. I am in love with topshop gloves right nwo as they have all kinds of patterns and styles !


I have a massive love towards toe socks. Toe socks are basically gloves for your feet. They keep each individual toe nice and warm. I know it sounds a little weird and some people find them uncomfortable but seriously, if you haven’t tried them, TRY THEM. If you have to wear boot socks with your boots, wear toe socks as they are so much more padded and prevent blisters and sores on your feet. In the winter a lot of people will purchase new boots and will find that they rub more as your feet will sweat more under all the layers of socks. Toe socks are breathable and as each toe is separated they all breathe better! I sound mad but you’ll see what I mean if you try them! They are a great alternative to slippers too as you can get some with anti slip pads on the bottom. You can purchase these in Poundworld or online! 


So these aren’t really an accessory but they are a huge must have if you get really cold in the winter. For them to work you “snap” the coin that is inside of heat pouch and then wait for it to warm up! To re set you simple put them in boiling water for a minute then you can re use them again. Some can last up to 8 hours, others less. But they are perfect in the winter! 


Snoods are a must have because they combine two important winter accessories – Scarves and hats. A snood wraps around your neck and shoulders like a scarf, then has a hood to go around your head. They are perfect if you are on the go and can’t carry much as they are lightweight and are basically 2 in 1! You can purchase these in places like New Look and Topshop, i’ve never seen them in Primark but I know you can get them online! 

That’s all from me – I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you to the lovely Korina for letting me guest post! Let me know what your favorite winter accessories are! 

Thanks for reading!

hannah x

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Guest Post by Anya Sarre: Peplum Trend

This is the first ”Guest Post” on my blog and it is by Anya Sarre, celebrity stylist with ShoeDazzledesigner, style expert and mommy! Visit her site to read more about her work.
No more words from me! Enjoy Anya’s post!
This fall, give your wardrobe a flirty touch! So add a feminine twist with a collection of peplum garments. Taken straight from Fashion Week’s runaways, peplums give you an updated, sophisticated take on the ruffled look. This sweet take on fall fashion can also be sophisticated and edging, a great way to dress up your weekday work outfits or ideal for a Sunday brunch or weekend social event!

Peplums made a splash on the spring runways and are now making the transition into the autumn. Since this geometric style plays-up a woman’s curves, it is an excellent look for virtually every body type. Amp up your girlish side with fall’s peplum garments in cozy fabrics, jewel tones or saturated neutrals.

There are two peplum garments that should become staples in your autumn wardrobe: the peplum jacket and the long-sleeved peplum top. These three items will easily pair with other wardrobe stable, injecting a new silhouette into the wardrobe you already love. With the right combinations, you’ll find yourself taking the peplum trend from day to night, from the office all the way to your off hours.

Look for a peplum jacket that feels special. This feminine silhouette works well in luxe fabrics, like velvet! The touch of sheen makes the look sophisticated and gives it just a bit of edge. A velvet peplum jacket can easily go from office to evening. Purchase a jacket in a deep neutral color, such as a black or chocolate brown. Pair with your favorite blouse, straight-leg trousers, pumps and simple, sophisticated jewelry for a look appropriate for the boardroom. After hours, switch out your blouse for a top with a bit of sequins or shine. Pair with dark-wash, slim-fitting jeans and metallic shoes for an edgy, night-out look.

Accessories add the perfect touch!  Studded earrings, a simple pendant necklace or a string of pearls help complete the look. Choose jewelry that reflects your personality to make the look truly you. Strut your stuff this fall like the fashionista you are! 
by Annya Sarre

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