The Body Shop: Bloggers Event * Scents of The World * Review

This is another The Body Shop friendly blog! In other words, I love love love this brand!

When The Body Shop invited me to the bloggers event (5.9.2012) I did everything to be there! I traveled all over Athens(what a drama queen!) but I was there!!! Oh! And I had a great partner with me: Mr.Little Feet! Yes, I am a crazy mom/beauty blogger and I went with my little boy.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t able to handle camera, baby and all those amazing products I wanted to try, so NO PHOTOS! Bad beauty blogger, bad! If you would like to see images and read more about the event, I suggest you to visit the following blogs:
Natalie’s blog
Marie’s blog (Look! I am in the photo!!! lol)
Sissi’s blog
and if you search a little bit, I am sure you’ll find more posts about it.

During the event, the collection that really captured my attention was Scents of The World, the new natural perfume collection composed of 100% organic alcohol and precious natural extracts, hand-picked and harvested with care, collected from various parts of the world.

Let me introduce you to these five new scents:

Amazonian Wild Lily, an oasis of fresh lilies in the Amazon; with iris, orchid, papaya and Brazilian lilies.

Atlas Mountain Rose, a fresh blend of citrus, spices and rose extracts.

Indian Night Jasmine, with notes of sandalwood, violet leaf and orange blossom.

Japanese Cherry Flower, gentle and romantic, is created of Fuji apple, magnolia and cherry blossom.

Madagascan Vanilla Flower, with amber, frangipani and vanilla.

This collection has also a… playful part! We have the option to create our own unique scent by blending two together.

The Body Shop Scents of the World are available in 50ml Eau de Toilette, 100ml Fragrance Mist, 250ml Body Lotion, 250ml Shower Gel and 15ml Perfume Oil.

My favorite one is Madagascan Vanilla Flower. I have the perfume oil and is MY scent! Warm, sweet, sensual, feminine. I love its oriental scent. The floral accords aren’t strong enough, but that doesn’t bother me at all because I don’t like floral scents. It is very linear and straightforward; what you smell when you apply it, is what it will be till the end. Long lasting; I’ve been asked about my fragrance after 24h of wearing it.
I like to apply just a drop behind my neck before going to sleep. I love sleeping and waking up with this smell. It makes my day!

Is it a dupe?
It reminds me of Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison and I;ve read that many bloggers think the same. Is it a dupe? Maybe…I think it’s better that the Hypnotic Poison. And costs less. What do you think?

Have you tried any of these new fragrances? Do you like them? Which one is your favorite?

Let me know, beauties!


Disclaimer: The Madagascan Vanilla Flower was given to me for free at The Body Shop Bloggers Event. I am not paid to try it or review it. This is my honest opinion.
Special Thanks to Dimitra Kaldi, The Body Shop Greece Marketing & Communication Manager, for inviting me to that great event and offering me some amazing products.

LE PARADIS by Cacharel

Fragrances with a unique story, mythical elixirs full of sensuality and femininity, all closed into beautiful bottles. That’s the world of Le Paradis Cacharel, a limited edition of temptation fragrances…

For this unique collection, illustrator Charlotte Gastaut designed a fresh and colorful paradise, revisiting the floral pattern which has been the symbol of the famous brand for decades. Colorful flowers and exotic birds decorate the packages.

Are you ready to discover Le Paradis?

Created in 1978 by Roger Péllegrino, Paul Léger, Raymond Chaillan and Robert Gonnon, Anaïs Anaïs was the first luxury fragrance created for young women. It is an original paradise, tender and unsettling, that guides young women in establishing their femininity. Thanks to its tones of lily, jasmine, orange blossom, it is romantic and innocent, but still sensual and powerful. Without upsetting the vivacity of the floral notes or disturbing their vibration, the sweet honey- scented base wreathes them in intimate sensuality.

Created in 1998 by Olivier Cresp, Noa is a paradise of tender and luminous musky floral scents. It features different tones that make it so unique: a base of white musk in combination with pink pepper, peony, essence of Bulgarian Rose and sandalwood. 
Harmony and serenity, radiant and subtle sensuality, delicate and airy femininity. In other words, everything that a woman wants in her aura. 
Created in 2003 by Laurent Bruyere and Dominique Ropion.
The paradise of Amor Amor could be described as the paradise of Love at first sight: explosive, gourmand, addictive. When you’ll smell Amor Amor, you will instantly feel the natural orange and mandarin essences, joined by a berry accord. Then, a floral bouquet of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and Melati flower will gentle tickle your nose.
Love isn’t just about romantic and sweet mood. It’s also about sensuality. That’s why the warm notes of sandalwood and cedar in combination with a hint of vanilla and caramel don’t miss from the formula.
Just like a secret love elixir, Amor Amor shoots its intoxicating arrows into the heart of an entire generation of lovers.

Created in 2009 by Honorine Blanc, Olivier Cresp and Alberto Morillas at Firmenich.
The Paradise of Scarlett plays between two worlds, floral softness and gourmand notes. On one side is the bouquet of immaculate petals than unfurls, unveiling orange blossom,  with the gentle sensuality of jasmine and the virginal sillage of honeysuckle. On the other side, wisdom makes way for gourmand passion, full of surprises and seduction. Warm creamy and unctuous sandalwood are combined with the gourmand notes of pear and amber-scented Provence honey, confident in character.

These four fragrances have everything we could possibly ask from our fragrance. They promise to travel us in our personal Paradise, not only with their unique scents, but also with their pretty designs of the packaging.

Have you tried these fragrances? Which one is your favorite?
Let me know, angels!


Loverdose by Diesel

Last night I was stuck to the song ‘‘Love is in the air”. Why don’t we try to share some love with today? We need nothing special to do this! A smile,  something that we do, a sweet word, but also a nice smell, just like cookies, a candle or even our perfume.
And as we talk for perfumes, I have to propose you a great one for the Love is In The Air purpose!

Diesel closed in a heart of glass the secret of love’s alchemy and created its new perfume names Loverdose in a game of words that could be interprets as ”Lover Dose” or ”Love Overdose” -I prefer the second one 😉

Loverdose is a ”beautiful but deadly weapon of seduction”, a weapon that every woman should have. It will ”ignite passion like never before”!

The notes feauture mandarin, star anise, gardenia, licorice, vanilla, gardenia, amber and wood; a very floral composition but spicy and a little bit oriental at the same time.

The bottle is a multi-faceted glass heart pierced by an arrow. The color of the bottle is an intense purple. It completes in the best way the concept of the perfume, don’t you think?

Available in:
30 ml- 45€
50 ml- 59€
75 ml- 79€

Have you tried Loverdose? I haven’t tried it yet but I think the bottle is so cute! I will definitely try  it out and if I like it I will buy it!

Have a wonderful and full of love week!!!