KORRES Yoghurt Moisturising Mask

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Korres is a Greek cosmetics brand and Greece’s fastest-growing natural skincare company.
As I was wondering at Hondos Center, a greek cosmetics store, I’ve noticed that at Korres’ stand there were small tubes(16mL) of skincare products like masks, moisturizers and scrubs. Fantastic idea! Really comfortable for those who travel a lot or for those who want to try a product and a normal sample is not enough!

Curious, as always, I’ve bought the Yoghurt Moisturising Mask, Korres’ best-seller. This mask is suitable for normal/combination skin. It can be used 1-2 times per week, but I use it once every a couple of weeks, just because I don’t feel I need it so often.
It’s easy to use, just the way you use every face mask: just apply on dry, clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off.

Once applied, it feels so fresh, a really nice feeling!
The scent is nice, reminds me of the sunscreen lotions.
Just from the first time I used the Yoghurt Moisturising Mask not only I felt my skin moisturized but also fresh and soothed. My skin seems cleaner and healthier.
 That’s the mask! It is really creamy!
 And here it is once applied!
This product is free of parabens, silicons, mineral oil, propylene, glycol, ethanolamine and phthalate. Plus it is an 83,2% natural product.
Dermatological tested.
These tubes cost €2.90 and the quantity is enough for at least 5 times(I’ve used it 4 times and I think there is enough product for a couple of times).
You got to try this amazing product!!! Or you have already tried it?
Let me know!!!
Kisses beauties!

Review: KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Moisturizer

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Last October I was at Attica, the Department Store, in Athens. I wanted to change something and I had a small amount of money that remained. So I decided to buy something from the cosmetics section. I went at Kiehl’s stand and even if I have heard of them before, I had never tried their products. The assistant was very nice and helpful and adviced me to try the Ultra Facial Moisturizer. I bought it, but I started to use it after a month and I was really curious(and anxious) to see if this cream will make acne appear on my face.
The Ultra Facial Moisturizer is for all skin types. The texture is light and delicate. It doesn’t feel aggravate my skin or making feel greasy. I am not sure if it is going to hydrate enough dry skins(if anyone knows, let me know). My skin looks really hydrated since I use it. It is easy to apply and is a perfect base for the foundation. It smooths and nourishes my skin. The perfume is neutral.

It comes in a bottle that is really practical and lets the right amount of cream to come out. It expires 12 months after you open it. I got the 75ml bottle and that costs about €18. And when you will finish it, remeber that you can recycle it!

I am really satisfied and I will definetely rebuy it! I find it ideal for my skin type! Now I am thinking of buying the eye cream.

Have you tried Kiehl’s products? What do you think about this brand?

Kisses beauties! Have a nice weekend!


Review: LIZ EARLE Cleanse&Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

About two months ago I received a new cleansing product, the famous and awarded Cleanse&Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser by Liz Earle. I’ve started to try it after two days and I think that I noticed a big difference on my face.

Cleanse&Polish is different from every other cleansers.  It is a soft creamy foam that contains herbal scents and eucalyptus–that’s why it gives us a nice and refreshing feeling.

It is used in conjuction with a muslin cloth (two muslim cloths come with the cleanser) twice a day, morning and evening. The process is in two steps:

1st: Take a few pumps(sometimes one or even a half pump is enough) and massage it directly on to your face.

2nd: Take the muslin cloth, pour warm water all over it and then gently rub it all over your face for a gently exfoliation. Pour cool water all over your face to remove the remaining product.

This product removes oil, grime, grease, make up and everything that is just hanging out on your face.

I notice that since I started to use this cleanser my (oily) face is smoothier, softer and seems really nice and pretty. I got rid of my pimples as well. My skin rarely gets oily- I think my skin found its balance.

As for the bottle I would really like if it’d have a trasparent line so that I could see how much product is left. So I could know when to reorder my cleanser.

You can purchase Cleanse&Polish at www.lizearle.co.uk. There are different bottle sizes that have different prices. I suggest you to buy the Starter Kit that costs £13.25, contains 100ml of cleanser, two muslims and a nice beauty bag.

I use all the three steps of Liz Earle’s daily skin care, so stay tuned for more reviews!!!

Have you ever tried it???Let me know!!!

Kisses girls,