Erre Due Chopstick Eyeliner: Quick Review and Swatches.

Erre Due is a greek brand of makeup products. I haven’t tried many of its products, but I always have at least on of its nail polishes and a few of its eye pencils in my beauty case.

One of my favourite eye pencil is the Erre Due Chopstick Eyeliner. I got them a year ago and I don’t know if they still sell them or not.

I have two different shades: 02, a green emerald shade, and 08, a dark brown/dark chocolate shade. The packaging is pretty and unique. It looks like a chopstick! They are well made and they do not break easily.

They are very pigmented and it is easy to apply them in the waterline or even as an eyeliner without irritating the eyes area. Thanks to their creamy texture you can easily smudge them if you want to. As for the lasting? It’s amazing! They last all day long and they aren’t supposed to be long-wearing eye pencils!

I can’t remember the the price, but I think it’s about 5-6€, which is a reasonable price for their quality. I am not sure if you can find Erre Due’s products outside Greece. If so, let me know please! In any case you can visit their official site and/or their facebook page and find all the info you need.

Have you ever tried these pencils? What do you think? In general, have you tried Erre Due cosmetics?

Kisses beauties!

P.S. sorry for the bad photos, but the light was awful…

Korres Eyeliner Pencil_Black

I truly believe that it is difficult to find a good eye pencil. I have tried eye pencils that are so soft that the color goes all over your eye, others that don’t paint or that are so hard that they irritate my eyes. That’s why I don’t change my eye pencil regularly.
Lately, I got a Korres set and it contained the Eyeliner Long-Lasting Cedar Wood Pencilin Black, too. I thought to give it a try just because I have heard a lot about this baby.
This pencil is ideal for all day long; perfect for smokey eye looks. It is easy to apply, doesn’t irritate the eye area, ideal also for the waterline.
The creamy formula blends well with powder eyeshadows. The pigmentation is amazing, you don’t have to pass the color over and over again to have the absolute black! Plus, the long lasting makes it one of my favorites! It lasts for about 2-3 hours in my waterline, even more in my top lashline. And it lasts for even more if you set it with eyeshadow.
The cost of this pencil is €8.60 and you can find them at Korres eshop, drugstores and, in some countries, even at Sephora.
Have you ever tried this eye pencil? What do you think? Which is your favorite eye pencil?
Kisses girls!
P.S: I know hat the photos are not good. Sorry…Try to visit The Pretty House of Y‘s blog. Her photos and swatches are adorable!