Beauty and The Mommy: No Sleep? No Problem!

Everyone says that the best way to be gorgeous is to drink plenty of water and sleep well. Yeah ok! I agree with these statements BUT what about moms? What if your baby wakes up 2-3 times in the middle of the night and during the day you have to do a million things (plus take care of baby)? 
Let me tell you that I am a lucky mother: my baby sleeps from 21.00 to 4.00, wakes up for 10 minutes to drink his milk and sleeps again till 7.30. But he doesn’t sleep a lot during the day, so I have to do everything during the night(cleaning, relax etc). 
So, what do we do ladies? How will we combat those black and blue eyes?  
Conceal it, baby!!! Just a little bit of a good concealer and your eyes will look fresh again!
Take a look!
Conceal it, baby!

NARS Cosmetics concealer

Mac cosmetic

Bobbi Brown CorrectorSS11

$22 –

Do you use concealer? Which is your favorite one? What are your ”secret weapons” to fight dark circles?


BEAUTY AND THE MOMMY: Not just a Diaper Bag

If you are a mother, you probably have a ton of things to carry with you when you leave home. Especially if your little one is a baby or toddler. Diapers, wet wipes, clothes, baby’s cosmetics(cream, soap) and bottle, baby food/snacks, your things(wallet, mobile phone, keys), toys and a million other things! In other things, your bag has to fit everything…but what about style???

I found for you  some pretty diaper bags that combine everything: style, comfort and space! They fit everything and they don’t look like diaper bags!!!
These are a few of the diaper bags I found around the web. They are so cute, aren’t they? My favorites? The Pacapod and the Jonathan Adler one.
Which is your favorite one? What diaper bag do you have? Do you like the idea of a stylish diaper bag or do you prefer the classic ones?
Let me know mommies!!!

BEAUTY AND THE MOMMY: Safe Nails(Snails) for Little Hands!

Last night I was reading a beauty blog (sorry, I don’t remember which one) and the blogger has posted a photo of her 16 months little girl. She was so cute, but then I realized that the baby had her nails done by her father. Hmmm… What? I thought that she is just 16 months old and that normal nails polishes could be really harmful. Just think that certain nail polishes contain dangerous ingredients for adults(DBP,toluene,formaldehyde e.t.c). Why expose a child to play with toxic substances?
Suddenly I started to think that if I had a daughter I would never let her use cosmetics before a certain age. I don’t think that they are necessary for babies and little girls! And when she would start to use cosmetics and nails polishes, I would be very careful of the products I would buy for her and let her use. 
A few minutes later I discovered a product I have never heard of; a nail polish safe for your little princesses. But what is it about???
Well, Snails® Kids Water Colours is a revolutionary new range of children’s nail polishes. Snails® (Safe-Nails) is unique, colourful fun for little girls and their mums that is 100% safe and the company ensures that no harm comes to our children. 

These new nail polishes are free of harmful chemicals; they are made of three simple ingredients: water, acrylic polymer and non toxic colourants. Plus, they wont’s stain clothes or carpets(yes, they were created by a mother), they wash off with water and they don’t need any toxic smelly nail remover on young hands.

And some more info about Snails®: the nail polishes are manufactured in France and were created by Jeanette Sklivanou, a half British and half Greek mum based in Greece. In other words, it’s a 100% European product.

If you want to take a look at the products or to read more about them, you can visit the website .

What do you think about it? Do you trust that kind of products for your little ones? DO you allow your little girls to use cosmetics? If so, do you take a look at the ingredients?