I Love…Strawberries & Milkshake Body Butter

It’s been a while I haven’t written a review, but if you follow me on twitter/facebook, you probably know the reasons. The important is that I am back! (yeaaah!)

Today I would love to share with you my opinion about I Love…Strawberries&Milkshake which I’ve been using a lot lately. I have already reviewed the shower gel, and now it’s time to take the next step: the body butter. I was really excited to try it as it looked like a cheaper version of The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter.

When I’ve opened the jar for the very first time, I fell in love with the strawberry scent. Intense, sweet and different at the same time. It’s not the usual strawberry scent, but it reminds me of a drink, something like the Strawberry Daiquiri. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long, just a few hours (a little bit longer if you combine it with the shower gel).

This isn’t a proper body butter, as it feels light as a whipped cream. That might let you down, if you are expecting a thick texture. It spreads easily on skin and gets absorbed quickly.

Did the ”whipped cream” texture scared you? Well, let me tell you that it perfectly  moisturizes my skin.  I don’t find it greasy, but every now and then it feels heavy and leaves an oily feeling on my skin. Can anyone tell me why this happens?

Last, but not least, the packaging is simple, made of a sturdy and lightweigh plastic. On the lid there is a pink sticker with the product’s name and the brief description. The jar contains 200ml and costs €6.90.

If I suggest it? Absolutely! I am going to order more scents from All About Eve(worldwide shipping). I am thinking of Vanilla&Ice cream, Coconut&Cream and Lemon&Lime. Any suggestions?

Have you ever tried I Love Cosmetics body butters? Do you like them? Which scents have you tried?


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