New and Revolutionary Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove

Last night, just a few minutes before going to bed, I saw that Sigma Beauty launched a new product, a new and revolutionary brush care item, a ”magic” glove that help us clean our makeup brushes! Oh, come on! Only Sigma could think of something like that (and that’s the reason I love this brand).

Sigma SpaBrush Cleaning Glove is a unique glove that will reinvent the way you clean your brushes. Forget all the mess and all those spots left on your beloved kabuki.

This magic glove is dual sided and features six unique textures to wash, rinse and shape our entire brush collection, from eyeliner brush to kabuki. In other words, the new and revolutionary Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove will make brush cleaning easy, quick and effective.

The Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove comes in four colors and features an inner microfiber glove for added comfort. It costs $39 and it is available here

At first, I thought that $39 are too much for a product like that. If you also believe that the price is high, just think that it’s a purchase that will last for years.

Would you like to get the new Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove? What do you think of this idea?

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