Gift Ideas:Lucky Charms Cheap and Ideal for Everyone

Christmas is almost here and I am searching for the perfect gift for every one. But what happens if 

  1. you have to buy a gift for someone you don’t know very well
  2. you have to visit someone,but you didn’t expect to (it happens all the time, but you can’t go without a small gift. It’s Xmas!)
  3. you can’t decide what to buy for your friends
  4. you want something special to decorate the packages.
That’s why lucky charms are made! Yes, I do believe that they are made for this,too, and not only to bring us luck! haha 
I have already bought my lucky charms for 2013 and I am planning to add one at each gift I’ll do. 
 I love this one…
…but this is my favorite!
 This is perfect for new drivers, just like my best friend!

These hand made charms are a cute gift idea even for those who can’t spend much. Each one costs just €4. 
I’ve got them from Elia, a creative mom who always surprises me when it comes to gift ideas. Oh! I have to make a post with all those gift wraps she does using anything she has in her home/bag/pocket.
If you are interested in buying these lucky charms for 2013, you can find Elia at Facebook
Do you like the charms I’ve got? Which one is your favorite? Let me know, ’cause I am thinking of a small giveaway!!!

xoxo and Ho Ho HO,

2 thoughts on “Gift Ideas:Lucky Charms Cheap and Ideal for Everyone

  1. Nα πειράζει;; Φυσικό το βρίσκω!!! Η Έλια είναι μια ιδιαίτερα δημιουργική μανούλα, που ό,τι βρει το μεταμορφώνει. Αν δω ότι σας ενδιαφέρει, ίσως βάλω και άλλες δημιουργίες της να δείτε.

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