Two weeks with my Travalo! xD

I am back! I was off for a couple of weeks, as you might have noticed, but now I am here again, ready to be more present on both of my blogs.

I’ve been away from home during these weeks and I had carried with me just a few ”basic” products: my skincare products, mascara, foundation, blush,lip balm/gloss and my Travalo. Most of you already know what Travalo is and you have probably read a ton of reviews. But I couldn’t resist not to share mine, as well.

Travalo is a refillable atomizer bottle that makes it easier to have your favorite fragrance with you anytime and anywhere. It is easy and fast to refill it: just remove the nozzle from your fragrance’s bottle, pump your Travalo up and down and you are ready!

Travalo in useTravalo refills in seconds!
Photo borrowed from Travalo Official site
Only 8.6cm big and weights 20gr, with a capacity of 5ml(nearly 65 sprays), Travalo can be taken in hand on board planes anywhere in the world! 
I love the design: made of the same aluminium as high tech aircrafts, light, small, strong and with a level indicator window that allows us to know how much fragrance we have and never run out.
It is a little bit tricky to clean it though. Not practical if you change often. your perfume
It is available in many different colors and you can get it- if you want- with a plastic protective carry case (I did!).
Do I like it? Oh yes!!! You can easily tell that this isn’t a must have product, but I find it ideal for people who travel a lot or spend many hours away from home. Ok, you can live without it, but if you like gadgets and beauty, you have to get it!
You can read more info and buy your Travalo at the official site (shipping was veeeery fast).

Do you own a Travalo? What do you think about it? Do you like beauty gadgets like this one?
I can’t wait to read your comments!

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