Introducing Project Samples

I have two little boxes full of samples. You know, those that we get from magazines, stores, drugstores etc. I keep them just in case. But I have to admit that I always use my full size products and I also bring them with me when I go on vacation.

The problem is that I have accumulated so many samples! I have to use them not only because I need some space. but also because I want to try a few products I have never used before.

So I decided to try them out and let you know my thoughts on the samples when I’ve finished them. I realize that they are tiny and might not give me a complete opinion about the product, and that’s why I won’t call these posts ”reviews”.

Do you collect beauty samples but never use them? Do you try samples before buying any product? Do you want to join me on this project?

Kisses beauties!

10 thoughts on “Introducing Project Samples

  1. Καλα τρομερη συμπτωση εχω κ γω ενα μεγαλο κουτι που φυλαω ολα τα δειγματα κ πριν 2 μερες νευριασα που τα αεχω ετσι εκει κ καθονται κ δεν τα κανω τιποτα κ εβγαλα προγραμμα..καθε εβδομαδα βγαζω 2-3 προιοντα κ τα δοκιμαζω ολα…για να φευγουν,να τα δοκιμαζω κ εν πασει περιπτωση να κανουν κ τιποτα χιχιειδικα μερικα μου αρεσαν πολυ κ τα εβαλα στη λιστα μου για τη νεα σεζον!

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