OASAP Fashion Hunters Program

If you are a fashion/beauty blogger, then you should definitely join the OASAP fashion hunter program.
It is a different and very interesting affiliate program; once they accept your application, they give you a cash credit to spend on their site on anything you like, and the livery is free!

When the item arrives, you simply have to do a blog post or video to show your buys, something like outfit of the day, and they credit you again the following month, depending on the traffic you’ve generated to their site.

There are two ways to apply:
1. Go to the Fashion Hunter section on their site and complete the application form.
2. Leave me your e-mail and blog with a comment(or send me a mail if you prefer) bellow and I will invite you. In that case, I will gain you an extra $8 credit, so I’d really appreciate it if you choose that way.

If you need more info, you can visit OASAP or contact me!

Will you be joining the OASAP fashion hunter program? Do you like that kind of affiliate programs or do you prefer to gain some cash by the sales other people do using your code?


2 thoughts on “OASAP Fashion Hunters Program

  1. Hi, Korina! I've just come across your lovely blog and I have followed you 🙂 I love fashion blogging – just got into it, almost at 100 followers! – and I'd love to be a part of the OASAP fashion hunter programme. Please invite me! My email is fashionpilgrim@yahoo.com and my blog is fashionpilgrim.blogspot.comThank you! 🙂 x ♡, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)Twitter: @fashpilgrimInstagram: @fashionpilgrim

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