Giveaway Time!!! Win a Moringa Shower Gel!

Hello girls!!!

As you know, a few weeks ago I’ve got a bag full of gifts from The Body Shop. Between them there was a Moringa shower gel as well. I might be the only one on Earth but, I don’t like Moringa’s scent, it doesn’t suit me at all. I know that many of you adore it! So, guess what!!!


If you would like to win Moringa Shower Gel you just have to be a follower on GFC and fill the form bellow! There are extra entries for more possibilities to win.
The giveaway is international and will end on 10th July.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!!!

47 thoughts on “Giveaway Time!!! Win a Moringa Shower Gel!

  1. Πολύ ωραίο δωράκι! Εγώ πεθαίνω για το άρωμα του αλλά το έχω ήδη οπότε δεν παίρνω μέρος. Θα το κάνω share όμως 😉 Φιλιά πολλάααα!

  2. Πολύ ωαραίο δωράκι!!Και όντως είναι ωραίο να μοιράζεσαι..κάτι σκέφτομαι και γω μόλις φτάσω τα 100 μέλη!καλή τύχη σε όλες!!ΦιλιάΜαρία

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