My Oriental Treasure…

A couple of months ago I was sent a very cute press kit with  some Tesori d’ Oriente products.

In this cute basket there were four products (a body cream, a shower gel and two aromatic perfumes) and also a couple of candles and one of those…sponges that I’ve never learnt their real name..sorry!

Tesori d’Oriente presents three new beauty lines, inspired from three oriental flowers. Tibetan Poppy, Chinese Orchid and Frangipani offer all of their perfumes and help us relax and have some pleasant moments. But let me tell you a few thing about each of these precious flowers.

Tibetan Poppy has a deep red color that transmits positive energy and confidence.
Chinese Orchid: considered to be an aphrodisiac flower for centuries, the Chinese Orchid is a symbol of refinement, passion and elegance. It has an intense, magnetic and sensual scent.
Frangipani(or Plumeria) is a symbol of purity, harmony, love and romance. It has a fresh, fascinate and discreet fragrance.  Its flowers have a unique scent, something like grapes, gardenias, rain, coconut, candy, ginger, spices. Too hard to define it! According the Indian mythology, Frangipani is the ”Tree of Life”.

Now, it’s time to start with the reviews, don’t you think?

I’ve tried the Frangipani Body Cream first. It’s a lightweight but still moisturizing cream. It leaves your skin soft and supple. It smooths on easily and the scent lasts forever!  Its perfume is intense and if you have a sensitive nose you’ll probably won’t stand that unique scent.
The price is very reasonable: €6.90 for 300ml.

The Frangipani Shower Cream has a more discrete but still unique floral scent that lasts for long. The gel its self smells amazingly good, rinses well, gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and leaves my skin velvety smooth and soft. It contains a good amount of product(250ml that last forever) and costs €2.95. Great value, don’t you think?

The aromatic perfumes(EDP) come in a black metallic bottle, with a plastic cap. As I’ve already told you, I have two scents. Let’s review each one of them, starting with the Frangipani one.
The Frangipani Aromatic Perfume has a flowery, sweet and fresh scent. I can smell the gardenias, just like in the cream and shower cream, but I also feel oriental and candy notes, something like…vanilla(?).
The Tibetan Poppy Aromatic Perfume has a strong floral scent. When I’ve tried it for the very first time I hated it. I found its notes very intense and heavy. I have to admit that after an hour the perfume was less intense and the scent has changed; it was more like powder than poppy. Awkward, don’t you think? Well, I like the final scent, but I can’t stand it at the beginning.
The lasting for both of them is not bad, but don’t expect too much… About 4 hours and them it disappears. The Tibetan Poppy lasts more than the Frangipani one.
To be honest, I wouldn’t buy these two perfumes, but they are a good choice if you can’t spend much for a perfume as the 100ml cost €5.70.

In conclusion, I think that Tesori D’ Oriente offers a good quality in low price. You have to try the body creams and shower creams. I am not sure about the EDPs, but that’s just my opinion.

Have you ever tried anything by Tesori D’ Oriente? Would you like to try these products?

Let me know beauties!



P.S.: I heard that the Tesori D’Oriente White Musk is amazing and similar to the TBS one. I am curious to try it…

Disclaimer: I’ve got these products for possible review, but I do express my honest opinion. I wasn’t asked to write a positive review and I wasn’t paid to write about Tesori d’Oriente. I would like to thank Haris Makrakou and Communication Studio for giving me the chance to try these products.

9 thoughts on “My Oriental Treasure…

  1. Σέχομαι διαρκώς κατηγορίες από την μπλογκοπαρέα ότι σας παρασέρνω…Μήπως πρέπει να αρχίσω να ανησυχώ;;; χεχε!!!

  2. Ma sul serio? Allora, i prossimo da provare sono White Musk e Aegyptus!Anch'io amo il bagnoschiuma! Cura perfettamente la pelle!Baci anche a te(da me e dal pupetto!hehe)!!!

  3. Oh, sweet memories!!!Mio padre aveva sempre i Tesori d'Oriente nel suo negozio… la mia linea preferita era Aegyptus!Amo il bagnoschiuma, lascia la pelle morbidissima e ha un profumo (kyfi) così dannatamente buono!!! ^-^bacioni a te e al pupetto!!! 🙂

  4. Έχω δοκιμάσει στο παρελθόν κάποια από τα προϊόντα τους αλλά δεν θυμάμαι καν τις ονομασίες!Θα ήθελα πάντως να δοκιμάσω τα νεά προϊόντα!Απο την περιγραφή σου πρέπει να είναι πολύ ωραία!

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