Love,Love&Madina! Gloss Set Casablanca: A cute gift from

I recently realized that my make up bag is full of glosses, lipsticks and blushes. I can’t decide which of these I love the most, maybe all of them, but I find it really hard to find the perfect gloss. I hate the ones that are sticky and last for about 30 minutes. I want something more.

About a month ago Konstantinos, one of my favorite bloggers and owner of the on-line store, sent me a very cute gift, the perfect cheer up before my due date. He knows I love Madina Milano cosmetics and he chose for me something from the Love, Love & Madina collection. Take a look…

It’s the Casablanca Gloss Set

This cute set contains three volumizing and creamy glosses in natural and delicate shades.

Which one is your favorite? I am totally in love with the second one!

I really like the fact that the glosses aren’t sticky at all. They have a lightweight, creamy and delicate formula and feels comfortable wearing them. They are moisturizing while you wear them (keep in mind that I have sensitive lips and lip products often leave my lips dehydrated).
They are very pigmented and you can easily wear them alone. The lasting isn’t bad for a gloss: they last about 2 hours on me.
I love the way they smell; that sweet perfume that reminds me of cookies and cakes! Yummy!

As for the packaging, a simple transparent tube with silver details; simple but useful, as you can see th ecolor of the gloss. The applicator is the common brush. Each tube contains 4 ml of product and the set costs 13.10€.

In Greece you can buy Madina Milano cosmetics at

Have you ever tried Madina Milano cosmetics? Would you like to?

Let me know girls!

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