Hair Care: Trying Garnier Naturals Shampoo

Hello beauties!!!

Here are some facts…I do not spend time for my hair. I change my shampoo often, I rarely do any hair treatments, I don’t use so many styling products. I am in love with short hair and I haven’t changed my hair color since 2009. I am lucky ’cause my hair do not need so much care, as they look healthy (or I think they do) and I love my natural hair color(honey/blond). BUT I like to do diy masks or use specific products for blondes just because I want to make  my natural color look brighter.

It’s been about a month that I am using a new shampoo which I liked a lot. I am talking about the Garnier Naturals with chamomile and honey shampoo. As you can understand from the name, it contains natural extracts of chamomile and honey and it is meant for blonde hair, natural or dyed. We all know that chamomile is supposed to lighten your hair, but normally shampoos with that ingredient don’t work for me.

This one does a great job! It moisturizes and nourish my hair, leaves them soft and healthy and makes them look shiny.

After a month of using it, I notice that it has brighten the color of my hair and know it looks like I have natural highlights, which I like! It makes my hair look golden, the effect that I normally get during summer, thanks to sunlight.

Another thing that I liked is that it is delicate and does not make my hair greasy. I usually wash my hair every second day, but I’ve noticed that even after three days my hair didn’t get oily(that’s unusual for me!)

The fragrance is sweet, probably because of honey, and also has a discrete scent of flower bouquets. It isn’t strong at all and I find it very refreshing and relaxing.

If you are curious, here are the ingredients
Have you ever tried any shampoo of the Garnier Naturals line? If yes, which one? Do you like them? What is your favorite shampoo?
Let me know girls!!!

7 thoughts on “Hair Care: Trying Garnier Naturals Shampoo

  1. ειναι παλια και αγαπημενη συνταγη για φυσικες ανταυγιες το καλοκαιρι.μου το εκανε η μαμα μου.μοσχοβολαει ανοιξη αυτο το σαμπουαν.Κορινα εχεις ενα βραβειο να παραλαβεις

  2. Ναι! Δεν το ήξερες;Κ αν τα ξεπλένεις μετά το λούσιμο με το χαμομήλι που πίνουμε πιάνει. Ειδικά το καλοκαιράκι με τον ήλιο.

  3. Wow , i didnt know that chamomile lightens your hair , thanks for the tip korina !! I might get this just for a once a week treatment to give my hair some natural color 🙂 xo

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