Monthly Love: The Body Shop Born Lippy

Do you remember I’ve told you about the new Born Lippy collection? (click!) I got one of these and it totally became my favorite product of the month! You might think I am in a hurry,’cause March has just started, but believe me, I know this will have THE best place in my heart for this month.

A few weeks ago I was at the mall with some beauty bloggers. We couldn’t resist at the view of The Body Shop store and we entered searching among the products!

Depy(the lip balm expert) and me started to smell all the new flavors of the new Born Lippy in stick. After 5 minutes or more(yes!It was hard to choose) I got one of them just to try it! I got the plum one. Since I got it, I am using it every single day and my lips never looked so soft and smooth.

The packaging is fresh, fun and unique. it was a good idea to create a pop art inspired packaging.
The smell is strong and fruity, but it doesn’t bother me at all. It also has a sweet flavor.The fruity smell and flavor last for ages once applied, which-for me-is a huge plus!
It hydrates amazingly my lips and leaves them soft and protected for a long time.
Even though it has a lovely plum color, that doesn’t really come off onto lips.

I find the stick packaging great and easy to use. I have used Born Lippy in pot before and I hated that I couldn’t use it when I was out and had no lip brush with me.

It costs €5 (in Greece) and it comes in a 5g package.

If I recommend it? GO FOR IT GIRL!!! I love it and I have to get more flavors as well!

Have you tried the new Born Lippy collection? Or do you prefer the pot version? 
Let me know about your favorite lip balms!


12 thoughts on “Monthly Love: The Body Shop Born Lippy

  1. Loved it as well!!! Who made me consider getting it? hm… let me think.. hm… oh yes it was you!:PWhy should they have to have this taste though??? It stays in my mouth for ever.. =/

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