That’s Why I Am Not blogging lately + a tiny change

Hello girls!
I just wanted to inform you that I have a technical problem and that’s the only reason I am not blogging lately. My laptop seems to need a break and everytime I try to upload photos, the internet connection fails and I can’t connect without restarting my laptop. 
The strange thing is that my bf’s pc or our mobile phones do not have any problem with the connection. I tried to find out what’s going on and a pc expert guy told me that my laptop is ready to die…aaaargh!!! He will try to save my precious laptop. 
I will probably upload the posts later, using my love’s pc. 

Now, let me tell you something else. I have to do a change! I noticed that I can’t keep writing my favorite products each month! I forgot about it or some products stay on my top choices for months and months.

So, that’s what I am going to do: each month I will post you a photo of the product I used the most, the one I loved. It could be someething that I have recently bought or something that I…re-discovered.
If it is a product I have never reviewed before, I will write the review in that post. Otherwise I will let you know the link of my review.
I think that’s the only way I am going to keep my promise and my I find it fair not only for me, but especially for you. 
What do you think? Do you like that idea?
Let me know!!!
Korina (and her poor laptop)

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