LANCÔME SPRING LOOK 2012: Roseraie Des Délices

A week ago I was at Hondos Center, the biggest cosmetics store here in Greece. As I was wondering between the stands I found my self standing in front of Lancôme and nearly hypnotised I started to swatch the new makeup collection, Roseraie Des Délices.

The new collection for Spring 2012 looks like a makeup garden party! Inspired by sumptuous treats, this collection melts macaroons, sweets and flower bouquets with eye shadows and lipsticks.
Aaron De Mey hoped-and succeed- to capture the palette of summer nature, translating water, sun and sky into makeup shades that illuminate both sun-kisses and fair complexions. Candy Pink, tangerine and soft pink are the basic shades of the collection.
Let’s take a look at the products of the delicious,but still sophisticated, collection and how Aaron De Mey suggests us to use them.
La Roseraie

multi-color powder blush embossed with a delicate rose. 

Mix all the colors with a powder brush and apply it gently onto cheeks, forehead and chin. Use a smaller brush and apply the pink shade to give your cheeks a wash of pink. Apply the lighter shade underneath the eyes to reduce dark shadows and give a healthy, dewy look.
Les Yeux Doux
 A50 Rose Romance
C50 Vert Tendresse
These eye shadow palettes with pastel shades are totally a must have for Spring’s looks.
Aaron De Mey suggests to mix the two medium colors all the way down the bron. The lightest shade is perfect for highlighting inner corners and underneath the brow. Apply the darkest shade on the lid and soften it towards the socket line; this will enhance the shape of your eyes and create a flattering depth.
Color Fever Gloss
316 Green Petal
387 Tangerine Petal
388 Rose Petal
Apply Color Fever Gloss directly onto bare lips for a super shiny finish. The Pink and tangerine shades enhance the natural color of the lips, while the green shade adds a surprisingly nice frosted effect. The glosses are also great as a final glossy touch to lipsticks.
Le French Touch Lipstick
314 Rose Candy
316 Soft Marshmallow
318 Sweet Marmalade
Apply the color directly from the stick or use the fingertip to dab on for a natural, flushed effect
Les Vernis
29 Green Almond- 30 Rose Tangerine- 31 Rose Macaron
Pick your favorite nail polish and combine it with your Color Fever Gloss.

To complete your look, don’t forget to apply a coat of Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara in black.
Do you like this collection? Does it make you feel like tasting marshmallows and smelling roses?

8 thoughts on “LANCÔME SPRING LOOK 2012: Roseraie Des Délices

  1. You had to heard my mother when I was swatching the glosses: ''What? Green gloss?? Is it for carnival?''(πως θα κυκλοφορήσεις και τέτοια φάση)She didn't want to understand that it was just a shimmer!!! Gloss mum! Not lipstick!!!

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