Nails Time: Zoya Lael

Hello ladies!

I have already told you that I am very careful with what products I am using lately. The same with my nail polishes. That’s why a few months ago I bought two Zoya nail polishes: they were created especially for pregnant women and they keep their great formula free of DBP, camphor, formaldehyde and toluene.

Yesterday I dedicated an hour just for my mani! What a delight! i hadn’t done my nails since forever! I chose Zoya Lael, a deep plum purple nail polish; mysterious color, ideal for all those scorpions, like me…hehe!

It is very pigmented and just one coat is enough to get the hue that you see in the bottle. But I still prefer to apply a second coat as well.
What really surprised me is that even without base, it doesn’t stain the nails, unlike other dark nail polishes.

Βad light…ooops…
Bad light again, but better than before. In reality looks a little bit darker than this, just a touch.
Sorry for the nail polish all over my fingers…hehe!

It’s not a cheap nail polish, not at all. It costs nearly €13 and the bottle contains 15ml of product. Considering this, but also all those great reviews all around the web, I expected a great lasting. And here comes the disappointing part. It last no more than 3 days on me (without a top coat). If applied a top coat, it lasts nearly 5 days, but I should be happy for my the top coat, not the nail polish. Am I wrong?
I don’t think I am going to buy it again. I am sure I can find a dupe for less than €10, free of all those harmful ingredients and with great lasting. 
Have you ever tried any Zoya nail polish? How long do they last on you? What do you think about Zoya’s products?
Kisses beauties!!!

4 thoughts on “Nails Time: Zoya Lael

  1. That's true, but Layla's nail polishes do not contain these ingredients, they last much more longer(about 5 days with no top coat) and they cost half of Zoya's nail polishes. That's why I expected more.

  2. Such a lovely shade!! I wouldn't be disappointed if I were you, these bad ingredients you try to avoid are responsible for long lasting polishes. I prefer to do my nails 2 times a week than use nail polishes with these ingredients 😉

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