S/S 2012 Color Trends! Take a look…

Pantone says: ”It’s TANGERINE TANGO time!!!” and all the fashion addicts run to the stores to buy th enext must have color in fashion and beauty industry. Clothes, accessories, lipsticks, eye shadows and much more.
Tangerine Tango is a vivacious and juicy orange. It would be the king of S/S 2012 colour trends!

But, as you can imagine, that’s not the only color we will see around. You will love the Solar Power because of its energy, warmth and cheer,  Bellflower for your unique, romantic looks and Cabaret for its sensual and intense rosy-red (which, by the way, will look amazing during summer days).

Navy looks are always a must have, so don’t forget to get some clothing in Sodalite Blue.

If you want to make a statement, choose the Cockatoo hue, a tactile blue-green that will make your spirit soar.

If you prefer less intense hues, go for Margherita, a piquant yellow-green, or even the girly Sweet Lilac.
And if natural hues match better to your mood, don’t forget to try Starfish and Draftwood (beige-grey).

Let me show you a palette I would kill to get for this new season! Nearly all the must have hues together! More info soon!

Which pantone trend will you follow? Or,better, what color are you???


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