X-MAS Gift Ideas: Sigma Brushes (+Sneak Peek)

Are you getting ready for the Holidays? Have you started buying gifts for friends, family and yourself? Are you confused on what to choose? With all those Holiday Limited Editions, the new releases and all that pretty things that appear during the Holidays period, it’s difficult to choose…
But I am here to help you! How? Telling you the perfect beauty gifts that everyone would be happy to get from Santa. During the next weeks I will post for you all the things that are great deals and ideas to get for Christmas. Wanna start?

Today I am excited to present you some new Sigma Brushes. I love brushes and I am so happy when I get them as gift! 
I think that brushes are a great solution if you want to buy cosmetics to a friend but you don’t know what shades she would love to use. You can find cool kits in great prices. But be careful! You should choose a good quality otherwise noone will appreciate your gift.
The great news is that Sigma offers many brush kits in different prices. You can choose the one you can afford.

The Cities Collection
Launch Date: November 21, 2011

A special edition travel kit collection! The kits contain 7 travel-sized brushes from the best selling Essential and Premium Kits:
*E05 Eyeliner
*E35 Tapered Blending
*E45 Small Tapered Blending
*E60 Large Shader
*F05 Small Contour
*F15 Duo Fibre
*F30 Large Powder
The brushes come in a travel-size container that turns into brush holder.Each kit represents the beauty and excitement of the city it is named after.

4 kits Available:
*London (brown)
*Tokyo (pink)
*Paris (red)
*New York (black)
Make Me Up Collection- Travel Edition 
Launch Date: November 28, 2011 
Do you love your Make Me Up kit? Now you can have it even on the go! The 7 brushes that you adore, will be available even in a travel size edition.
The Kit contains:
*E30 Pencil
*E40 Tapered Blending
*E55 Eye Shading
*E65 Small Angle
*F30 Large Powder
*F40 Large Angled Contour
*F60 Foundation
The Bunny Collection
Launch Date: December 5, 2011
The Bunny Collection is Sigma’s vegan friendly line of brushes. The collection will feauture  a full size and a travel size kit.

The full-size kit will contain 12 brushes sold in the Essential Kit made with Sigmax HD fibers.
The travel-size kit will contain 7 best selling brushes from the Essential Kit.

Both kits will come with the famous Sigma containers/brush holders.

The Extravaganza Face Kit
Launch Date: December 12, 2011

The Extravaganza Face Kit is a lavish assortment of one of a kind, hand crafted brushes with 18 karat gold-plated ferrules. The Face Kit contains 4 18K gold-plated brushes and comes in a deluxe carrying case.

The Extravaganza Complete Kit
Lauch Date: December 19, 2011

The Extravaganza Complete Kit feautures 29 of the best selling essential, premium and individual brushes. The difference? In this collection the brushes are hand-crafted with 18K gold- plated ferrules. Anyone else is feeling the luxury in the air?

Pretty cool the upcoming Sigma products, right? Would you buy any of these for you or your friends? What would you ask your Sigma Santa for?
Stay tuned ’cause more gift ideas are coming!!!
Kisses beuaties! Have a great Sunday!

5 thoughts on “X-MAS Gift Ideas: Sigma Brushes (+Sneak Peek)

  1. Girl you're doing no good to my Christmas budget with your posts… I so want these Sigma cities themed brush sets! Argh να δω τι θα πρωτο-προλάβω να αγοράσω!!!

  2. Βασικά να δω που θα αδειάσει το πορτοφόλι…. Sigma Cities θέλω κ εγώ αλλά κ σε ένα extravaganza δεν λέω όχι…

  3. αχ.. το Make Me Up Collection- Travel Edition σε μωβ μάλλον είναι κ στη δική μου λίστα… τέλεια δεν είναι; =)

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