My Birthday Wishlist!!!

I see around many Christmas Wishlists lately. Interesting but for me my Christmas wants should wait for a while. Why? Because my birthday wishlists comes first! October is MY month! So, let’s see what I would love to get the 30th of October!

YSL La Laque
These two nail polishes from the Fall Collection are in my heart! I want them so bad! I love blues!!!

Chiara Ferragni Biker Boots
I know that noone would buy them to me, buts I can still dream of them! At least, I got to find a pair like these loves!

Ted Baker- Rocksy Patent Small Purse

Yes…I need a new purse…And I want a lovely one!

Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit

No more words….Everyone knows I adore Sigma and I want to have every single product!
But this kit has to be mine as soon as possible. Will you offer it to me???
It’s my birthday…hehe
 Hugo Boss- Deep Red
 THE perfume! The first time I tried it was in London when I was 13 or 14.
A sweet assistant at Harrods offered me a deep red velvet bracelet that smelled the Deep Red perfume. I fall in love with it!!! I got it and adore it for years.
I haven’t bought it since 2 years and I really miss it. Maybe I should have it for my birthday, don’t you think?
I don’t want to continue with my wishlist… I want so many things that I would be happy if I get one of those!Hehe!!!  
Hey, friends and family! Don’t forget to get me something like these little loves!!! ahaha!!!
What do you like to receive for your birthday? Cosmetics, clothes or something else?
Kisses beauties!

4 thoughts on “My Birthday Wishlist!!!

  1. My birthday wishlist needs to be done in a month but i guess its the same items as my christmas one ! I would really like to get a nice cake with cupcakes and some champagne ! I love your bday wish list and i hope you get everything you ask for too. I made my Christmas wish list in the hope Santa Claus sees it and decides to get me them :p Do you think Santa Claud reads blogs hahaha xo

  2. My birthday is on March so I won't be doing my list soon enough! The bad thing is that my name is celebratedduring March as well, so I've never been given generous gifts on that day! Since my b-day is so close, dammit 😦 xx

  3. The thing with my name day is a little bit complecated. I have two names and I knew I had a name day only for the one that I don't really use(Olga)and it's the 11th of July. Last year somebody told me that there is a name day for Korina as well!! If I am not wrong it's the 8th of June. But after 23 years noone is used to it. So, they don't know the one date and they don't remember the other one. I must be the only one with two names and no gifts in her name days…ahhahaha!!!

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