Happy Birthday Kiehl’s!!! Philanthropy means Beauty! (Part 2)

I truly believe that beauty is not having a nice body and face, the perfect makeup and hairstyle and dressing in the most fasionable way. Beauty is something more; it comes from the inside!

Kiehl’s agrees with me! For more than 40 years, Kiehl’s has a mission: to help as much as possible people, communities and the environment.

Forty years ago, Kiehl’s founding family wrote the Mission of Kiehl’s. In the 137-word statement, they committed the company and the staff to the service of Kiehl’s patrons with the single-minded objective of “making for better citizens, better firms, and better communities.” From that premise, Kiehl’s strives to play a responsible role alongside its customers through civic and environmental initiatives and sponsorships.
Kiehl’s supports three key causes: AIDS research and education, children’s well-being and the environment. Our favorite brand helps worldwide to preserve and restore oceans, parks and outdoor spaces through initiatives and sponsorships. 
Wanna know what Kiehl’s has offered in my country, Greece?
”Agapo kai Noiazomai” (=Love and Care)
On Valentine’s Day(2011) Kiehl’s did something really special: a special event at Hondos Center Kolonaki asked all the Facebook users to like its page. For every new like Kiehl’s offered 0.50€ for neutering cats. Greek celebrities didn’t miss this event! The famous photographer Carlo Raciti was there to capture them!
 Georgios Carambelas & Thisea
 Mara Desipri & Frederica
 Yiogos Karamihos & Tramp
Alex Kavvadias & Bonnie
All Images Copyright by Carlo Raciti
Thanks to Kiehl’s 61 homeless cats were live a better and healthier life right now. This program was in collaboration with the non-profit organization Nine Lives Greece
Kiehl’s Friends Design for a Cause
Kiehl’s has brought designers, bloggers and artists together to combine an exciting project. What for? To help educate underprivileged children about art and the environment. Each participant had to transform the classic Kiehl’s eco-friendly bag into work of art.
Kiehl’s donated €100 for every bag towards the creation of an Eco Art Workshop for kids in Keramikos and Metaxourgio, two of the most disadvantages neighborhoods of Athens.
This project lasted from May 26th till June 2nd. The work shop ran in collaboration with the non- profit organization Clean Up Greece. It took place at Attica Department Store.
 Alex Kavvadias
SOMF Fashion
All Images Copyright by Panoulis
But Kiehl’s doesn’t stop here! I believe that the most important of all is Kiehl’s action for AIDS research. Since 1998 Kiehl’s has raised more than $600,000 for both global and local HIV/AIDS- related initiatives, offering several formulas dedicated to stemming the loss of life from HIV.
Still wondering why to choose Kiehl’s?  Well, if all the above didn’t convince you, let’s see something else.
Kiehl’s product are formulated with safe, efficacious and naturally derived ingredients. Since 2008 the brand uses organic and fairly-traded ingredients in several formulas. Since 2009 Kiehl’s introduced certain formulas which are sustained through a natural preservative system.
As for the packaging, Kiehl’s uses minimal secondary packaging or printed materials in the service of their customers.  Less that 5% of Kiehl’s products utilize secondary packaging and only when it is required. Kiehl’s uses less plastic in bottles, that’s why all bottles are light weighted. Plus, all products, tubes and jars are recyclable. And these are just a few of all the eco-friendly moves that Kiehl’s follow.
In Greece, you can find Kiehl’s at Hondos Center Kolonaki, Hondos Center Glyfada and Attica, the Department Store, on Panepistimiou St. For more details, see www.facebook.com/kiehlsingreece
With all those  moves Kiehl’s is really beautiful in my eyes! What do you think? Will you choose Kiehl’s products from now and on?


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