I won a giveaway+DOUBLE REVIEW!

A few weeks ago I won a givaway!Yeaah!!! Julia, the beauty editor of beautyblog.gr, was giving away some cool cosmetics and I was lucky enough to win two of them. You can’t imagine my surprise when I won.

Julia sent me two amazing products that I have already used and loved! Are you curious to see them?

The Estèe Lauder Bronze Goddess Shadow Stick Duo in Pink Teal. It’s from the Summer Collection 2011.
What I love about it:

  • The amazing colors.
  • It’s a 2-in-1 product! I apply it either all over the lid as an eyeshadow or in the lashline as an eyeliner
  • The texture: silky and smooth. Easy to apply and blend. It doesn’t crease
  • The finish: shimmer- metallic without exaggerating.
  • It lasts all day long(tested for 10 hours) and the colors stay true, as if I have just applied them.

The second product that I got is another eyeshadow, this time by Seventeen Cosmetics. It’s the Silky Shadow 203. I have already posted two looks using this shade (click!).
It’s a light blue/ teal color.

I have to admit that I don’t have many Seventeen products anymore. I used to buy them when I was a teenager but suddenly I stopped buying them. This gift made me re-think of getting some Seventeen cosmetics again.
I like:

  • The texture: silky and satin, easy to blend 
  • The pigmentation which is so high
  • The color: not excactly a blue nor a teal. Nice combination. 
  • The finish: the shimmer is descrete and not heavy at all.
  • The package: even if it costs about €8, the package doesn’t feel or seem cheap! Simple and elegant RULES!

It’s a unique color, perfect for summer. I can think a million looks with this eyeshadow.
P.S.: in the photos it doesn’t seem as a teal but it really has a little bit of green in it. Let’s say it’s a light teal :-q

Here are the swatches:

From left to right: Pink(Estèe Lauder)-Teal(Estèe Lauder)- Seventeen Silky Shadow 203

Ι wanna thank Julia for giving me the chance to try these products!!! THANK YOU!!!!
And don’t forget to visit her Beautyblog (click!)

4 thoughts on “I won a giveaway+DOUBLE REVIEW!

  1. Its a little bit hard to persuade me about Seventeen , im not a fan at all . I feel like its overpriced for the quality you receive and that it isnt good quality. Estee Lauder on the other hand are fantastic and have amazing quality in their products. I always seem to feel like i will wear Estee Lauder when im 30+ , i just dont associate it with the under 30 's . For example Mac is very flirty , shocking and in your face kind of brand , i feel like Estee Lauder is all about the serious , sexy, discreet kind of woman. Do you get me , or do you think im blabbing :/ hahaha enjoy your products xo

  2. You know, I feel the same about Seventeen. That's why I have nothing else anymore (except this eyeshadow). I used to love a mascara but then I changed it when I was in Italy. It is really overpriced.As for Estèe Lauder, I don't really agree. I love some of the products. One of my favorite and best moisturizer I have ever had was by Estèe, only that I can't pay too much each month. A lipstick I had was just amazing and the quality was great. I think that some products are for older women, but other are all time classics and suitable for all ages.

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