Bourjois La Crème des Lèvres {you disappointed me}

Bourjois’ products are kind of interesting. I don’t like them, I don’t hate them. Some are good, others- most of them- seem to be missing something, something of the texture of the pigmentation…something!

Since a while I have in my make up bag a lip cream by Bourjois, named  La Crème des Lèvres. It promises to give the coverage of a lipstick, the shine of a lipgloss and at the same time hydrate our precious lips. yeah…right… I can tell you that promises don’t always come true.

I got the shade No2 Rosè Voluptueux, a pinkie beige color. It is really natural. Its coverage is not the best part of the product! It covers more than a lipgloss but less that a lipstick. It is not sticky and I like this part! It is shiny but not too much. It just gives my lips a nice natural glow.

I avoid using it all by itself. I usually apply it over a lip balm or a lipstick to avoid the feeling that my lips burn. 

The tube is simple with some designs in purple that are really cute. It contains 10 ml and it expires 18 months after you open it for the very first time. They gave it to me as a gift when I bought a foundation so I don’t know the cost of the product. Sorry…

I don’t like this product! I do not recommend it at all!!!

But if you have already bought it, I am really curious to hear your opinion! So, what do you think?


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