My Sigma Stories: F50 Duo Fibre Brush

Goodmorning everybody!!!

Today I will finally write the review for the Sigma Duo Fibre F50 Brush. The story of this brush is a little weird… When I started to ise it I just hated it. I left it for a while in a corner and suddenly I started to use it again. Everybody deserves a second change! And…booom…I changed my mind!

This brush is specially designed to create an ‘airbrush’ finish when used to apply liquid foundation. But that’s not the only use! You can apply blushes, especially those in cream, highlight shades and loose pigments. The bristles are a mix of synthetic(white) and natural(black).
I already have tried this brush but in travel size(and with pink handle) as I have in in my Travel Brush Set Nice in Pink. I can say that this little one disappointed me: it really has lost many many bristles. And I hate having the brushes’ bristles on my face while I do my make up. So I left it in a corner without using it…
For some reason I ordered the F50 just because I wanted to believe that was my brush which lost all those hair. I love Sigma and I wanted to try out the same brush but in normal size. I was a little afraid that I was going to waste my money, but I risked it(I have read so many good reviews)! Wanna know what happened? I washed it and it lost hair…I used it and it lost hair… I washed it once again and it lost hair… Oh gosh…! It mostly lost the blach bristles… I used it once again (with my nerves ready to go go crazy) and and it didn’t lost hair!!! What? Really??? {Korina is happy}
The F50 is very soft and quit dense. It is also easy to use. The result is really ”soft” and natural. It doesn’t like stroke lines on my face. Another thing that I like is that you need less product if you use this brush.
I also used it with cream blush(Eyeko Fat Balm in Frosting) and the result was amazing! Bright and well blended.
It costs $16 and you can buy it at Sigma’s official site
I absolutely recommend this brush to all of you! Just keep in mind that if it looses bristles before contact Sigma(they replace the defected brushes) or throw it away, wash it at least 2 times(some bloggers said they washed it 4-5 times) and it will stop loosing hair. At least, that’s what my brush did.
Have you ever tried it or is it in your wishlist? Let me know sweeties!

5 thoughts on “My Sigma Stories: F50 Duo Fibre Brush

  1. Love love love it! I recently got my first sigma brush(E35) and I was so excited! I 've had my eyes on this one … I guess my next purchase! I love duo fibre brushes with cream blushes.kisses 😀

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