My Sigma Stories: E25 Blending Brush

I am ready to start my Sigma Beauty reviews! I have some Sigma brushes and I have to admit that they are my favorite! I adore them! The high quality comes in a quite affordable price and that makes it ideal for every brush junkie(like me).

I own two E25 Blending Brushes. The first one was a gift when my boyfriend bought me the Nice in Pink Travel Kit. The second one I received it from Sigma as an affiliate. Thanks Sigmaaa!!!

As you can understand by the name, this brush is ideal for blending. Thanks to its shape, you can also use it to apply your pigments and eyeshadows. It is oval shaped and has gently chiseled sides. It is soft, but not too much. That allows not to lose its shape.

The E25is very comfortable and easy to use. I like its precision as well. I think that if you need only one eye brush in your make up bag, that’s it!

Available at Sigma‘s site. It costs $9. But, keep in mind that when you do orders over $30, often Sigma sends a free E25 travel size. I own the travel size E25 and the only difference with the normal one is that it has a smaller handle. 

And if you are interested, it is identical to MAC217.

Have you ever tried it? Do you have this brush? Or, maybe, do you think of buying it? Let me know your opinion and your questions, if you have any!

Kisses beauties!!!

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