How I organize my cosmetics!

Many girls, especially in my italian blog, asked me to post photos of how I keep my make up organized… So, I have written a post about it in my Italian blog, but I think that it would be nice to share it also with you.

I present you my perfect organized chaos! hehe! You will see everything clean and nice, but that is for the photo shoot! i usually keep it like this for 2 days…and then chaos!

First, I want to tell you that the furniture in which I got all of my make up stuff is vintage. I adore it and it is so special to me. It was my dad’s. He had it in his office and I kept it. I haven’t painted it because I want to keep it as it was, with his notes and the original color! I like it that way. It is something I chose to keep since he is not anymore with us…

In some place you can still notice that he has written the bar’s phone! Cute, isn’t it?

But let’s take a look at the make up organization.
 Panoramic View!We will see everything,one by one, starting from the left!

Over this drawer I keep my palettes.
Fraulein, Bottega Verde, Body Shop, Stila, Tokidoki.

First drawer: an eyeshadow palette, 2 blushes 
and anything small that fits I drop it inside!

While in the second one I keep other small palettes.

And then eyeshadows, Shadow Insurance…hmm…where
is my ArtDeco eyeshadow base?

Then, eye pencils and the two mascaras that I use in a regular basis.

And then two little cases. In one I keep my brushes that I have used so that I know 
that their shower time is coming! In the others I keep my lipglosses, lip pencils, some mascara samples.
Plus, you can notice my perfumes!

In this box I keep my mineral cosmetics, powders, 
some blushes and a cream foundation, that I got last summer when I was tanned.

Lipsticks, foundations, concealers and maaaany other stuff…

In the corner I keep my body creams, deodorant,
cleansing milks, things that i use every day and every night!

 In the next self I got a box with all the necessary for manicure and pedicure, 
my brush sets( Sigma and Fraulein) and some boxes with some accessories and jewlery.

That’s all!  Do you like it?

Now I want to do some changes. I want to find a bigger drawer so that I will have everything in the drawers, safe and protected!

So, how do you organize your make up??? Any smart ideas? Let me know!

Kisses beauties!

4 thoughts on “How I organize my cosmetics!

  1. ax poso taktopoiimena ta exeis! Egw exw ta perissotera se end paromoio koyti me surtaria (xartino vevaia) enw auta pou xrisimopoiw kathimerina sinai se ena panino kouti (apo to ikea) :ppsaxnw na vrw pws the ta taktopoiisw kai episima giati den einai k polu organwmena

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