Naturans Cellulite Body Lotion with Joy

Nearly three months ago I started to take much more care of my health and body. Even if I am really thin, I noticed that cellulite has visited me….and I am not happy about that! So I started to exersise(not so often but I do) and to eat healthier(more water, vegetables, less junk food). Ok…I do not follow a program but I really have changed some bad habits.
One thing that I do every single day is using an anticellulite creme. I use the Cellulite Body Lotion with Ivyby Naturans. It comes in a plastic bottle of 250mL, with a dispenser on the top. It expires 6 months after you open it. It costs €20 and you can buy it at

But let’s see the more interesting part: the product! You can use this cream in every part of your body that you notice cellulite. It is rich in many active principles like ivy, fucus, fennel,caffeine,aloe vera and vitamin E(can you notice all those ingredients famous for their anticellulite actions?).

The texture is creamy. It does feel greasy at first but that is not for real! I mean that after applying it, it sunks quickly in your body without leaving any greasy feeling. The perfume of the cream is a little bit special. It smells like plants, maybe it’s the ivy. After applying you nearly smell it, but the scent does not stay on your clothes.

How to use it: Apply day and night and massage gently.

Other reasons to love it? It’s a natural cream, cruelty free and the packaging is recycable.

Does it really work? Yes! For me it worked and that’s why I still use it! It won’t do miracles all by itself. You will see results if you follow a better way of life. You know that cellulite is not only about creams and products. Mostly is eating habits and exercising. As for me, I have to admit that my cellulite is really less than before!

I absolutely recommend it!

Kisses girls!

Iàd like to thank Francesco Consolati for sending me this product for free and giving me the opportunity to try it. Grazie Francesco!!!

4 thoughts on “Naturans Cellulite Body Lotion with Joy

  1. I was told this creams and lotion doesn't get rid of cellulite but it helps minimize the appearance. It took about 4 weeks for me to notice a huge difference. The only part that sucks is that you cant stop using it or it comes back.

  2. It sounds like a great product! The "problem" with cellulite creams is that you have to apply twice a day, I do it the first 5 days and then I forget or am in a hurry or… Bad girl, I know!

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