Welcome To Make Up Vibes!!!

Hello everybody!
I am Korina, a greek beauty blogger. Some of you  might already know me by my Italian blog, Every Girl Is Fabulous.
This is  Make Up Vibes, my English beauty blog! As I told you, I am greek, so be good to me if I make mistakes in English…hehe…
The subject is obvious: make up, beauty, fashion, trends and everything that makes as look and feel pretty. I will write reviews, news, about my beauty obsessions(and yours, too), tutorials etc.
And, of course, I love it when you tell me your opinion and make your suggestions.
So, beauties, stay tuned!
Welcome to MAKE UP VIBES!

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Make Up Vibes!!!

  1. @NatalieDouka thanks κουκλίτσα! Να 'σαι καλα! Είσαι από τα ατομα που με στηριζουν πολύ κ το εκτιμώ,να το ξέρεις! Φιλάκια!

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