Summer Time…Sun Cream Time!

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If you ask me what is the most important thing for avoiding ageing I would definitely say SUN PROTECTION! Just think that dermatologists say that the sun causes the 80% of wrinkles and lines. Yeah, those that we hate as we age.
Of course, I don’t mean to hide from the sun. The sun is also important for our health as it give as vital vitamin D. What you have to do is to protect yourself. With the right protection you can enjoy the sun without being afraid.
Face Sunscreen Protection
I know that all of you have heard that we should apply sun cream every day of the year, especially in our face. And I also know that many of you right now are thinking ‘Yeah, but I am bored/ I forget doing it’ etc. I understand you…BUT you have to do it! It takes just a few minutes, less than two. Apply your sun lotion in face, neck and decoltè. Avoid applying the sun cream in the eyes area because it can irritate your eyes. And if you get sweat during the day, just remember to reapply it.
Tip! If you don’t want to ruin your make up, you can apply reapply your sun cream using a make up sponge.
Body Sunscreen Protection
Stay in the shadow or stay in the sun? SPF as high as possible or no sunscreen and play beach volley all day long? You can do all of these with the right use of sun cream. First of all, apply frequently a sun cream with SPF high enough for your type of skin(no, if you are Miss Snow White you won’t tan if you use SPF 5; you will look like a lobster) Second, stay in the shadow for a while every while. These are two steps that can save you from sun burns and also offer you the tan that you desire.
Tip! How much sun cream should you use? Use the quantity of three spoons for the body. For the face a quantity as big as €2 coin is just enough.
After Sun
After sunbathing you have to take care of your body is necessary. After Sun products are formulated to cool, refresh and smooth the skin after sun exposure. They also help keep the tan for longer. Some of them give your body that nice glow that we all want to have in the summer.
This summer protect your skin and enjoy the sun with no worries!!!

2 thoughts on “Summer Time…Sun Cream Time!

  1. Such a useful comment! that's true,we have to Be very careful. and it's a pitty young girls don't wanna use sun lotions. they believe that with no protection they are going to be tanned faster…spooky wrong!

  2. Very useful post! When I was younger I hated sunscreen lotions but now I know better! And remember that everytime you get sunburnt, skin cancer comes closer because the skin can't heal completely. Scary, I know.

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