Review: Japonesque Brow Kit

A few months ago I have bought this brow kit by Japonesque. I have never purchased anything from this brand before but I have heard that the quality is high. The Japonesque Brow Kit costs $28, but I paid it €20 in the Beauty Festival. I think the price is ok if you consider that just the tweezers costs $20.

This kit comes in a pretty and stylish case that contains everything you need for amazing brows: tweezers, three brow stencils, a brow gel, brow powders and wax.
The powders with the wax make it easier to design and define your brows. Even if the powders seem to be very light, they suit the hair color They are really pigmented but still look natural when you use them, I have never used the brow wax till now, so I can’t express my opinion yet.
The brow gel is perfect for giving the final touch in your brows and keeping them in place all day long.
The tweezers are really comfortable to hold and remove hair easily and with precision. I like that they don’t break the hair. They don’t feel like the cheap tweezers you get with brow kits.
The stencils are made of a thick and pliable plastic and they contour the brow bone pretty well. They are easy to use.
The brow powder palette contains two brow brushes, a dry mascara wand and an angle brush. Both of them do their job, but they are so small and it is a little bit difficult to control them.
Before using the brow kit
 After using the brow kit
If you are looking for a good brow kit, I absolutely recommend this one! Have you ever tried it? In general, what do you think about Japonesque?

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